College of Medicine - Tucson Faculty

Research Associate Professor, Medicine
Room Number: Drachman B207
(520) 626-7239

Director, Head / Neck Oncology Program
Professor, Otolaryngology
Team Leader, Disease - Head / Neck Oncology
Chair, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Room Number: 4325
(520) 626-6673

Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Room Number: 0985A
(520) 626-7756

Associate Professor, Surgery
Vice Chair, Education / Professionalism
Room Number: 4327
(520) 626-0887

Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Radiation Oncology
Room Number: 0406
(520) 694-5481

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Associate Fellowship Director
Dept of Emergency Medicine
Room Number: 2257
(520) 626-6312

Research Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Cancer Center Division
Room Number: 3927
(520) 626-4724

Clinical Instructor, Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine

Clinical Professor, Medicine
Endowed Chair, Jones and Lovell-Integrative Rheumatology
Professor, Public Health
Director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
AZ Ctr for Integrative Med
(520) 626-6417

Clinical Assistant Professor

Residency Program Director
Professor of Surgery
Room Number: 4303
(520) 626-0704

Senior Lecturer, Physiology - (Educator Series Track)
Room Number: 110
(520) 626-8338

Director, Arizona Rural Telemedicine Demonstration Project
Professor, Pathology
Professor, Pharmacy Practice-Science
Professor, Public Health
Professor, Medical Imaging
Arizona Telemedicine Program
Room Number: 001156
(520) 626-2971

Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Family and Community Medicine
Room Number: 4320
(520) 626-6975

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - (Clinical Series Track)

Instructor, Medicine - (Research Scholar Track)
Arizona Center on Aging
(520) 629-1824

Assistant Research Professor, BIO5 Institute
Assistant Professor, Applied BioSciences - GIDP
Arizona Center on Aging
Room Number: BIO5 302M
(520) 626-5850

Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery - (Clinical Series Track)

Faculty Physician
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology - (Research Scholar Track)
Assistant Professor, Medicine - (Research Scholar Track)
Radiation Oncology
Room Number: 2956C
(520) 626-6724