Visiting Resident Elective Rotation Requirements

Visiting residents interested in participating in elective rotations at the University of Arizona College of Medicine must complete the Visiting Resident Application and the following conditions and guidelines are required for approval.

*Please allow 90-120 days for processing.

  1. Space Availability. Participation in any election rotation will be allowed on a space-available basis. Selection dates must have final approval from host department program director.
  2. Status/Eligibility. Visiting residents must have completed the necessary training and didactic work for the training program. A letter from your Program Director and/or Director of Medical Education stating that you are in good standing is required.
  3. Immunizations. Visiting residents must submit documentation of immunization for Measles and Rubella, Hepatitis B, an annual Tuberculin skin test or a signed declination form with their application form.
  4. Personal Health Insurance. Visiting residents must include with their application proof of personal health insurance (send a copy of the insurance card).
  5. License/Training Permit. Visiting residents who do not have their own Arizona medical license must complete the appropriate training permit application, statement of citizenship and alien status form and include a check to cover the cost of the training permit. (Fees are $50 for either the Arizona Medical Board or Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners. Make check out to the appropriate Board.) Participation in an elective rotation is contingent upon visiting resident’s ability to obtain the applicable training permit.
  6. Malpractice Insurance. Proof of professional medical liability with coverage amounts no less than $1,000,000/claim and $3,000,000/aggregate must be submitted with the application (either a copy of the policy or a letter of proof from your Home Institution). NO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA.
  7. OSHA Requirements/Worker’s Compensation. Home Institution must provide documentation of visiting resident’s completed training in Blood and Body Fluid Precautions as set out by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) standards. In addition, the Home Institution will provide certification of Worker’s Compensation coverage for visiting resident.
  8. Housing. Housing is not provided.
  9. Affiliation Agreement. The University of Arizona requires an up-to-date affiliation agreement with the Home Institution prior to your participation in our training program. The AHSC Contracting Office will forward this document to the Home Institution when your application is approved.
  10. Completion. All of the above requirements must be met in order for your application to be considered complete.