Research development

Links to funding, sponsor and researcher/project databases at the AHSC Re​search Office.

Grant awards

The Research Office publishes quarterly updates on the numerous grants awarded to our research faculty. 

Pre-award services

Policies and guidance for proposal development.

Research Office

About Us

Contact information for our staff, as well as our mission, vision and strategic plan.

Research forms

Forms and resources related to research.

Research policies

Policies related to research.


Dean's Research Council

The Dean's Research Council (DRC) is a standing committee which advises the Dean of the College of Medicine on matters pertaining to research programs for the College of Medicine – Tucson.

Space Committee

The Dean's Research Council Space Committee assists the Dean and the Deputy Dean for Research in allocating space equitably, resolving space conflicts within Departments and Centers, and making long range plans to improve and expand facilities to better meet faculty and staff needs at the College of Medicine – Tucson.