A Legacy of Healing: Dr. Patricia Lebensohn Retires After 30+ of Service

After an amazing career, Dr. Patricia Lebensohn is retiring from the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

Fighting the second pandemic: long COVID

Researchers are defining long COVID and exploring the underlying cause and consequences of the disease that is affecting millions of people.

Large study provides scientists with deeper insight into long COVID

University of Arizona Health Sciences researchers contributed to a National Institutes of Health-funded research effort that identified the most common long COVID symptoms with the aim of improving future diagnostics and treatment.

Andrews joins Wassaja Carlos Montezuma Center for Native American Health

Christina C. Bell Andrews will oversee administrative functions, expand the center’s research and education portfolios, and foster relationships with Native American tribes.

Would you trust an AI doctor? Research shows patients are split

A University of Arizona Health Sciences-led study found that more than 50% of people don’t fully trust AI-powered medical advice, but many put faith in AI if it’s monitored and guided by human touch.

Degree provides steppingstone to careers in health care

The College of Medicine – Tucson’s Bachelor of Science in Medicine program prepares students for careers in health care or advanced medical education.

To accelerate search for an Alzheimer’s cure, scientists use artificial intelligence to identify likely drug targets

A team led by Dr. Rui Chang harnesses artificial intelligence to trace the path from a healthy brain cell to one afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease.

Sky is the limit for research at new sleep center facility

New world-class University of Arizona Health Sciences Center for Sleep, Circadian Rhythm and Neuroscience Research greatly expands research capabilities.

Testing a new therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease

Allopregnanolone is showing promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people and conditions including cerebral palsy in premature infants.

Center for Sleep, Circadian and Neuroscience Research opens facility

Tours of the Center for Sleep, Circadian and Neuroscience Research’s new location will be offered during a ribbon-cutting and open house May 15.

To get babies in the ICU back home, feed them right

A ‘mistake’ early in her research journey helped Dr. Katri Typpo discover how small changes to nutrition can help babies recover from surgery faster.

This Thursday, graduating physicians step forward to begin their professional journeys

Nearly 120 medical students will receive their medical degrees in Centennial Hall, where they will take the Hippocratic Oath and be draped with an academic hood to represent their initiation into the field of medicine.

Meet Xochitl Baca-Cruz: ‘I would love to say that I’m a success story’

Geared toward nontraditional students who work full time jobs with irregular hours, the Emergency Medical Services bachelor’s program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of medical fields.

Meet Kyle Cook: ‘Here’s my first choice’

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in physiology and medical sciences is one of the most popular majors on campus and prepares students for careers in health care and research.

Meet Alex Singh Parmar: ‘I want to spark change’

A new Bachelor of Science in Medicine program, one of a handful in the country and the only one offered through a medical school, prepares graduates for medical school and other careers in the health sciences.

Sunnyside high school students get a taste for a future in medicine

The College of Medicine – Tucson will host high school students with the aim to engage and empower the community through education and health initiatives.

‘Arizona Palooza’ returns for sixth year

Arizona Palooza is a free, family-friendly event that educates the public about mental health.

Computational drug discovery could open new doors

New computational approaches to drug development could lower treatment costs and make new discoveries possible.

Sonoran Center trains students to close disability care gaps

Disability-centered education training opportunities prepare students from the Health Sciences and other disciplines to provide patient-centered care.

Robbins to Regents: Advancing health and wellness in Arizona

University of Arizona Health Sciences has come a long way since the College of Medicine's founding in 1967 and is uniquely poised to help address Arizona's long-term health care needs, President Robert C. Robbins said in a presentation to the Arizona Board of Regents.