Francisco Garcia, MD, MPH: A Catalyst for Change

By Jane Erikson

As Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Pima County Health Department, Francisco Garcia, MD, MPH, is responsible for safeguarding the health of more than 1 million people.

Alumni Affairs News

The Alumni Affairs board has identified a critically important strategic priority: helping medical students survive the financial challenges they face now, and will face later, after they have completed training.

Checking in With the Class of 2017

By Jane Erikson

Last October we introduced you to four students of the Class of 2017. We asked them recently about the experiences – expected and unexpected – they have had during their first six months of medical school. 

Calling on Alumni to Show Support for Students

By Jane Erikson

Catherine Cosentino, MD, has been passionate about the practice of medicine since before she entered medical school. Now she is equally passionate about a barrier that keeps some students from pursuing their dreams of becoming physicians.

‘Trust and Understanding’

By Jane Erikson

Vanessa Jensen, MD, will never forget her first surgical trauma case – and how the experience left her feeling conflicted.

Pioneering Pathologist Anna R. Graham, MD, Retires

By Jane Erikson

When Anna R. Graham interviewed at the UA College of Medicine in 1970, she was asked about her plans for having children.

A Message from the UA Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

Greetings, College of Medicine Alumni!

I’m writing to you in my new dual role as Interim Dean of the UA College of Medicine – Tucson, and UA Senior Vice President for Health Sciences.

Class Notes, April 2014

From the Class of 1999

Kevin McGarey, MD, Class of 1999, passed away May 11, 2013 after an 11-month battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Match Day 2014

By Jane Erikson

Josh Makhoul: Ob-Gyn

Greetings from Dean Steve Goldschmid

It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since the August 9 White Coat Ceremony, where we welcomed the 115 women and men who make up the Class of 2017. But time flies when you’re having fun – and working hard, as all of us have been this year.

Google Glass Goes to Medical School

Two fourth-year students at The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix received one of about 6,000 Google Glass units distributed earlier this year.

Connecting, Engaging, Coming Home - Reunion 2013

By Jane Erikson

For Cynthia Holdren, MD, the 2013 College of Medicine Reunion was about coming home.

“I came here hoping to see some old friends, and to see my best friend, Marilyn Medweid,” said Holdren, an anesthesiologist practicing in Seattle.

Jack Nolte, PhD: ‘A Very Great Person”

By Jane Erikson

Students, faculty, family and friends poured into DuVal Auditorium the morning of Nov. 25 to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man: John “Jack” Nolte, PhD, professor emeritus of cellular and molecular medicine, who died October 22.

Greetings from Dean Steve Goldschmid

Like every year, 2013 has brought its share of challenges and rewards. Financial issues have shaped our experience this year, but so have the many opportunities we’ve had to witness and nurture our students’ excitement and commitment to becoming outstanding physicians.

‘Superstar’ Mindy Fain, MD, Receives Endowed Chair in Medicine

By Jane Erikson

Mindy Fain, MD, is a widely recognized leader in gerontology, whose many UA College of Medicine titles attest to her achievements in advancing health care for older adults.

A Place to Heal

By Jane Erikson

'Given the Gift to Work for Children'

By Jane Erikson

It’s Monday morning. Pediatrician John Tannous, MD, has just made the grueling 35-minute bike ride from his house to his clinic in Kunming, China.

It doesn’t take long for his first patients to arrive.

How a Life-long Dream Finally Came True

By Jane Erikson

Janet Vargas will never forget that day in 1995 when she watched her oldest son open the letter from the UA College of Medicine. “I’ve been accepted!” Bert Vargas told his mother.

Scholarship to Honor ‘Beacon of Light’ Norm Koelling

By Jane Erikson

Norman Koelling began teaching anatomy to UA College of Medicine students in 1969. He was here for the college’s first graduation ceremony in 1971 – and every graduation since. And although he retired in 2002, he is still teaching, now as a volunteer.