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Strategic Planning

The strategic plan for the College of Medicine – Tucson is closely tied to the plans of the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS), and to the strategic academic and business plan of the University of Arizona.

Comprising the UArizona College of Medicine – Tucson are 29 academic units: 17 clinical and five non-clinical departments, and seven centers, including one institute and one statewide program.  These academic units support the College’s overall mission and are engaged, either directly or indirectly, in each of the seven mission areas. 

Premise of the Strategic Plan 

To create a culture of alignment through a common set of strategic goals and objectives, and to foster a sense of shared purpose, shared responsibility and accountability towards a collective destiny, engendering a concerted pride of enterprise.  

College of Medicine – Tucson Mission Statement 

To advance the health and wellness of our community and beyond, while embracing diversity, in the pursuit of excellence through innovation in our tripartite mission: education, research, and patient care. 

Core Mission Areas 

  • Education 
  • Research 
  • Patient Care 

Additional Mission Areas 

  • Faculty Affairs  
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 
  • Finance 
  • Development  

Strategic Vision 

To create a sustainable roadmap, through highly collaborative approaches and inclusive excellence, at the forefront of medical innovation, that inspires and aligns the College’s faculty, staff, student body and alumni to prepare the next generation of academic medicine leaders to provide high-quality health care delivery and human health, meeting the needs of the state of Arizona and beyond.

Strategic Plan

The College of Medicine – Tucson Strategic Plan v1.2 is the second iteration of the College’s metric-driven and target-focused tactical plan, anchored within a strategic vision, encompassing 8 mission areas and 29 academic units.

COM-T Strategic Plan v1.2

Progress Report

The Progress Report highlights the advancements made by each academic unit in achieving the metrics outlined in the first College of Medicine – Tucson Strategic Plan: version 1.1  

Strategic Plan v1.2 Progress Report

2022 State of the College


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