Why Choose APME

Early Conditional Admission

Admission into the Accelerated Pathway to Medical Education (APME) earns students guaranteed conditional admission into the College of Medicine-Tucson based upon successful completion of prerequisite courses and completion of program requirements while in the undergrad. The three years spent in the undergrad will be time used to prepare APME students to be well rounded future medical students at COM-T. APME students are also exempt from the MCAT requirement and do not have to take the MCAT. 

An Accelerated Pathway

The Accelerated Pathway to Medical Education is a combination undergraduate-graduate program that will take a student 7 years to complete and will result in an MD degree upon graduation. This program takes one year off of the bachelor's degree, students will not earn a bachelor's degree and will matriculate into the College of Medicine-Tucson the summer after their third year in the undergrad. 

Student Development

During the three years APME students are in the undergraduate side of the program, they will participate in programming and workshops designed to best develop future medical students that focus on 4 crucial components for incoming medical students: community service/volunteer work, research, clinical work and leadership. While in the program, students will complete a required number of hours in each category as well as workshops based on clinical experience, professional development and much more. 

Medical School Resources

Students in the APME program will be granted early access to resources offered at the College of Medicine-Tucson. APME students will have access to facilities, faculty and opportunities that current medical students have access to. APME aims to prepare students for their transition into medical school while acclimating students to the College of Medicine- Tucson environment early to set students up for success once they get to the College of Medicine-Tucson. Our students will have access to: currently medical students, faculty, our simulation lab, medical student clubs and affinity groups and much more. 


Once invited into the program, APME students will be given access to the wide network of COM-T faculty that includes teaching faculty, research faculty, Banner staff and COM-T administration. Based on interest, APME students can be connected with a range of faculty or staff in a given specialty area to explore, learn more or potentially work on research with.


The College of Medicine- Tucson thrives on being an environment that gives back through peers. Typically, we have students who help the classes below them and students work closely in their own class as they navigate medical school. APME is no different. Each cohort of APME works with the one below and once admitted, each APME student is given a medical student mentor and a COM-T faculty member mentor. 

Competitive Advancement

Upon completion of the undergraduate side of the APME program, student will matriculate into the MD program. Although APME students will start their first year as MS1's (medical students in their first year) with traditional MD students, they will feel like an MS2 in terms of their knowledge of the school, community, and comfort level of the facilities and campus.