Our full admissions committee begins to consider applicants once interviews are completed. This committee reviews the entire file for every interviewed applicant. Committee members consider an applicant’s entire academic record, MCAT scores, interview evaluations, professional attributes, employment, clinically-related experiences or research experiences, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and responses on the AMCAS and secondary application.

Beginning in November, the committee makes decisions approximately twice per month. Applicants are admitted on a semi-rolling basis from October through March. In total, there are about 6 rounds of admissions. 

Applicants are informed that:

  1. they have been accepted;
  2. they have been placed on the wait list; or
  3. no position is available for this year. 

The admissions committee may rescind an offer of acceptance if an applicant fails to maintain expectations upon which that acceptance was based. Examples include, but are not limited to, a significant decline in academic performance, failure to complete prerequisites, patterns of unprofessional behavior and incidents discovered in a criminal background check.