Where else can I get help preparing for and applying to medical school?

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Arizona Applicant Academy

The Arizona Applicant Academy is an intensive one-day seminar for premed college students who are ready to apply to medical school. Items covered in the seminar include developing a personal statement, working on interview strategies, and managing secondary applications. This seminar is very hands-on and focused. Ideally, participants should be ready to apply to medical school in the year they attend Applicant Academy.

2022 Arizona Applicant Academy materials and Recordings:


Reapplicant Feedback Sessions

The College of Medicine Office of Admissions offers feedback sessions for reapplicants that wish to apply for the upcoming 2022-2023 application cycle.  These 15-minute-long sessions will give applicants the opportunity to virtually connect with a member of the admissions team and receive individualized feedback on their application from the previous cycle.  The deadline to sign up for reapplicant feedback sessions is Wednesday, 5/11/2022 at 11:59pm Arizona Time.

Feedback Sessions will be available from Monday, May 16th - Thursday, May 19th. 


To Sign up:

- Navigate to

- Fill out all information on the first page

- Identify three specific questions you would like to be addressed

- Select 15-minute time slot


Mock Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)

The University of Arizona College of Medicine Offices of Admissions and Diversity and Inclusion offers a Mock Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) workshop for pre-health students who are currently applying to medical school.

The Mock MMI is a one-day experience designed to educate and inform pre-health college students of the interview process through 1) presentation of materials and a panel discussion, and 2) simulating the ‘interview’ that most medical schools require as part of their admission process. After participating in the workshop, students will receive written feedback and helpful advice from volunteer interviewers.

The Mock MMI workshop is offered in the month of August, prior to the medical school admissions interview. We encourage pre-health students planning to apply to medical school for the current application cycle to apply to participate in the Mock MMI.

The Mock MMI Application is now closed. Please check back to see when it opens.



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