Tuition and Financial Aid


The opportunity to pursue your goals may be priceless, but we know that prospective students (and their families) face difficult questions about the cost of a medical education. Let us help you put those questions in perspective. 

You will also find valuable information on our Financial Aid Office website. For the Cost of Tuition, please visit here. 

Apply for financial aid 

  1. File your FAFSA.  You may use estimated figures on your application.  Once you actually file your return you may use the IRS retrieval tool to update your information.  The Universty of Arizona school code is 001083.
  2. If you are accepted you may then apply for a College of Medicine Scholarship.  If you are a new student use your AMCAS ID.  If you are a continuing student, then you will use your student ID.  Be certain the website is available and that you spend some time on what is asked of you.  The evaluation of your scholarship will be evaluated by committe.   The evaluation of your application will be driven on what you describe in your narrative, which should discuss your academic success and honors, your community service, and your research. Your application is reviewed by two college of medicine professionals or staff members who score your application and submit the results to the financial aid office.  The financial aid office will review your level of need and debt and scores and then rank all applications according to scores.  Therefore, the amount of scholarship you receive may well be different than one of your fellow classmates. 
  3. Check out our information on Scholarship Resources, and conduct your own scholarship search using resources available to you on our website. 
  4. Educate yourself on the Federal Student Loan Programs including the terms and conditions and forgiveness programs. 

Types of Financial Aid

Most of our medical students finance their education with a combination of scholarships, loans, and individual or family contributions.


Scholarships are available through the College of Medicine – Tucson and external funding sources.


More than 85 percent of medical students borrow money to pay for their education. Loans must be repaid, so you can think of them as an investment in your future as a physician. Fortunately, physicians are among the highest paid professionals in the country, with an average annual income of more than $200,000 (according to the American Medical Association).

Resident/Non- Resident Tuition 

Find out if you qualify for the Arizona resident tuition rate at the University of Arizona Office of the Registrar.

Additional tuition and fee information is available on the Bursar's Office Website  

The University of Arizona College of Medicine & Navajo Nation Partnership

Key points of the Navajo Nation Future Physicians’ Scholarship Fund:

  • The agreement is in effect for six years and then reviewed for renewal
  • The fund will provide financial aid and academic support for up to seven Navajo scholars per year, to help them earn a medical degree from the UA College of Medicine – Tucson or the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix.
  • Current UA medical students will be eligible for the awards, as will students who are accepted into the Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway (PMAP) program at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson, or the Pathway Scholars Program (PSP) at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix. Both programs are designed to prepare students from rural and economically challenged parts of Arizona to qualify for entrance to medical school.
  • Navajo medical students who receive support from the Navajo Nation Future Physicians’ Scholarship Fund, and earn their medical degrees, will be required to serve the Navajo people for a minimum of five years upon completing their post-MD medical residency programs.
  • The UA Colleges of Medicine in Tucson and Phoenix will match the scholarship funds provided to students by the Navajo Department of Diné (Navajo) Education.
  • Financial assistance will cover tuition and fees

If interested please contact Financial Aid and the Admissions Office. 

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