Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway (P-MAP)

P-MAP Mission

The mission of the Pre-Medical Admissions Program (P-MAP) is to: identify, recruit, and support applicants along their career path in medicine. Applicants who demonstrate intellect, aptitude and drive, and academic success in the face of having lived community experiences that have bolstered their tenacity, and empathy, and heightened their awareness of social inequities. Ideal applicants understand having fewer opportunities, educational inequities, and language obstacles, they offer personal perspectives to enhance humanism in medicine.  

P-MAP supports the College of Medicine-Tucson's larger goal of training a physician workforce who represents, serves, and is committed to caring for the diverse populations in Arizona and beyond. Admission to the P-MAP program provides dedicated support from staff, P-MAP alumni, and faculty that offer educational enrichment, professional and academic mentorship, and life management skills, as well as a "Conditional" Admission to the University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Tucson.  Transition to the MD program is granted upon the successful completion of all P-MAP requirements.


P-MAP Basic Eligibility Criteria

The program considers applicants who:

  • Are Arizona Residents
  • Have faced socioeconomic disadvantages, are first-generation college attendees, grew up in either rural or US/Mexico border region, OR are enrolled members in a federally recognized American Indian tribe
  • Demonstrate principles of cultural competence in healthcare
  • Demonstrate attributes such as altruism and social accountability
  • Are fluent in English and conversant in languages commonly spoken in Arizona (e.g., Spanish, Navajo)  


Program Overview

The Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway (P-MAP) Program is a 13-month, full-time, intensive medical school preparation program designed to prepare Arizona students to succeed in the rigors of medical school at the College of Medicine-Tucson. The program includes coursework toward a Master of Science degree in Cellular & Molecular Medicine, professional and clinical development, success seminars, and a "Conditional" admission to the University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Tucson MD program. Those who successfully complete all P-MAP program requirements will receive admission to the UA College of Medicine-Tucson.

The P-MAP program focuses on three main areas of preparation that align with four Core Competencies.

  1. Educational Enrichment: a combination of graduate coursework, previews of medical school block courses, and the opportunity to work with a learning specialist to develop study strategies for handling the pace, rigor and volume of content to be covered in medical school.
  2. Professional Socialization: Development of professional skills through mentorship, clinical experience, opportunities to give professional presentations and exposure to medical etiquette.
  3. Life Management: Training and coaching in financial and stress management, goal setting for medical school and beyond, and the transition to our medical school curriculum. P-MAP also provides access to confidential personal counseling services.


P-MAP Core Competencies

The purpose of the P-MAP curriculum is to facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to succeed in medical school and to become compassionate, caring, high quality healthcare providers for patients in Arizona and beyond. P-MAP will focus on the Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students | AAMC

  • Science, Thinking, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving
  • Professional (Interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills)
  • Communication
  • Leadership


Dates and Deadlines: 2023-2024 Application Cycle 

  • Application Period (via GRAD APP Summer 2024)     July 1 - October 31, 2023
  • Application OPENS:                                                  July 1st, 2023
  • Application CLOSES:                                                October 31st, 2023
  • Application Review begins:                                      November 2023
  • Invitation to Interview:                                              Week of November 20th, 2023
  • Virtual Interview Period/Date:                                  December 2023/(12/8/2023)
  • Program Admission Notification:                             January 2024
  • Commit to P-MAP:                                                      February 2024 
  • Program Orientation:                                                 April 2024
  • Program Start Date:                                                   May 13th, 2024



Informational Sessions

Zoom virtual Informational sessions will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month from June - September at 5pm MST. 

Please contact Mona Lopez ( Program Manager, P-MAP with any specific questions or by phone 520-626-6214.


Contact us through our P-MAP interest form.



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