P-MAP Curriculum

P-MAP students complete a master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, which include a number of courses that are closely aligned, or taught in tandem, with the medical school curriculum. Students are taught by the same faculty that will be teaching them their core science courses during M1 and M2. Below is a list of courses currently required for the program.


Course Name

Summer Pre-Session

Human Histology

Summer I

Human Gross Anatomy

Summer II

Cell Biology of Disease


Medical Biochemistry


Getting the Word Out: A Scientific Communication Course


Medical Immunology and Infectious Disease


Excellence=Mastering Medical Curriculum Content (E-MCSeminar)


Societies Shadowing


Mechanisms of Human Disease


Critical Connections Between Basic Science & Medicine

Art of Scientific Communication


Societies Shadowing


Excellence=Mastering Medical Curriculum Content (E-MC2 Seminar)

Medical and Clinical Skills

Summer I

Human Neurosciences