Why Choose P-MAP?

There are many post-baccalaureate programs that help prepare students to apply to medical school.
P-MAP is not one of them. Here’s why:

Master’s Degree

The Pre-Medical Admissions Pathway is a graduate program, resulting in the completion of a master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Even if you do not matriculate into medical school, you would still earn a master’s degree. The coursework is a great preparation path for medical school, and will look great on residency applications, but it is not meant to help you prepare an application for medical school. 

Conditional Admission

Admission to P-MAP earns you conditional admission to the UA College of Medicine in Tucson. We are not preparing you to apply to a medical school, we’re preparing you to join our medical school—from day one.

Medical School Resources

As a P-MAP student, you will have access to many of the same resources, facilities, faculty and opportunities as our current medical students. P-MAP not only prepares you academically, but also socializes you into the College’s ecosystem of student learning support, activities and professional development. You’ll enter medical school with other M1s, but you’ll feel like an M1.5.

Financial Aid

Because we are a graduate program, you also have access to scholarship and financial aid opportunities that are not available (or do not exist) for post-baccalaureate and medical students. Most tuition awards and waivers do not apply to professional students (law, pharmacy and medicine) or post-baccalaureate students (because they are not enrolled in a degree program). Since P-MAP students are enrolled as full-time CMM graduate students, they qualify for federal financial aid and university graduate scholarship programs. P-MAP students also enjoy the services of the medical school’s financial aid office, which provides personalized, local support and guidance to students.

Learning Support and Development

Many students have likened learning in medical school to “drinking from a fire hose,” referencing the fast pace and high volume of information medical students are expected to process, retain and utilize in their studies. P-MAP students work with a College of Medicine learning specialist to develop learning strategies that work for them, starting the first week of classes. Support includes group seminars (Excellence = Mastering Curriculum and Clinical Sessions, or E=MC2) and regular individual meetings to tailor assistance to each student’s needs. The support P-MAP students receive during the program puts them a year ahead of traditional medical students who will be developing their learning strategies at the same time they are beginning the medical school curriculum.

Counseling Services

The transition to medical school can be challenging mentally, physically and emotionally. P-MAP provides the support of a clinical psychologist for students to help them manage the significant stressors that come with coursework, acclimating to the medical school, changing careers, family dynamics, etc. Our psychologist provides group workshops and individual sessions.