Why UA?

From Our MedCats

“I chose UA COM Tucson, primarily because there were so many opportunities to engage with the multiple diverse communities in Tucson. If interested, students can work with refugee, Native American, Latinx, LGBTQ, and immigrant populations. Additionally, programs exist that increase exposure to other special populations such as migrant health and increasing healthcare delivery to homeless individuals. Finally, there is a strong need for education and policy reform within COM Tucson infrastructure, which is primarily driven by students. If social medicine and medical education are part of your interests, there will be no shortage of opportunities to engage at COM Tucson."
– UA COM-T Alum, Ivan Aispuro


“I chose UA for its warm and welcoming community-- I knew I could thrive here in my training to become a physician-scientist. Since starting medical school, my mentors have encouraged my passion for protecting women's health and improving LGBTQIA+ patient care. I found my voice as an advocate and leader driving necessary change in medicine.”
– UA COM-T MS2, Britt Gratreak


"I've had the pleasure to be a part of the University of Arizona for years and having chosen this school for my bachelor's, master's, and medical degrees I can say without a doubt that what keeps me coming back is the community. The environment fosters collaborative work among students and pushes them to work together while competing only with themselves. The faculty are incredibly friendly and willing to help, the staff are always advocating for the students while being constantly available, and as an institution you have access to great healthcare and research while learning to become a physician. It's a great school to go to and if you go here the sun will literally be shining down on you all the time!"
– UA COM-T MS2, Anthony McCoy


"The warmth, friendliness, positive attitudes, commitment to diversity and the collaborative environment of this school made me choose the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson. When I came for my interview, everyone around me was willing to help. They were strangers, yet, I was already a member of their family. The faculty, staff, administration, even students, everyone is invested in facilitating a positive, thriving environment, and creating an excellent space for education. UACOM-T is a school which reflects support for its students and dedication towards educating and producing highly intelligent and compassionate physicians. Before I stepped into its halls, I was already a MedCat. And, if I had to choose all over again, UACOM-T would be my #1 choice a hundred times over."
– UA COM-T MS2, Afeefah Rashid


“With the many challenges that medical students are faced with, it helps to know that we are not alone with our struggles. At UACOM-T, we have a student development office that is dedicated to recognize these struggles and help each and everyone of us overcome them. Our learning specialists are not only here to help us learn effectively and efficiently, but they also check up on our wellbeing, which is often overlooked. As long as we persevere, our outstanding faulty will be there to guide us throughout our medical journey. That is why I chose UACOM-T; for its supportive community and knowing that I will not be going through this tough journey alone.”
– UA COM-T MS2, Johnny Trinh


“I chose UACOM-T because of its dedication to the underserved populations of Southern Arizona. The wide range of CUP clinics allows us the opportunity to gain clinical practice early on in our medical training while helping those in need.”
– UA COM-T MS2, Iliana Manjón



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