Educational Programs

MD Program Components

An outstanding medical education

Our progressive curriculum takes a holistic view of the body and of medical knowledge. Clinical training begins early in the educational program, and basic science lessons continue during the clinical years. 

Broad educational community

As the largest of the four colleges in the Arizona Health Sciences Center, our students benefit from local and statewide interprofessional programs that tackle real-life problems.

MedLearn Online

Designed specifically to support our progressive ArizonaMed curriculum, MedLearn is our online learning and teaching platform for students, faculty, and staff at the College of Medicine-Tucson. 

The College of Medicine provides iPads to all students.

MD Distinction Tracks

Enhance your medical school education with an MD Distinction Track in one of several areas.

Societies Program mentorship

Students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson participate in professional learning communities known as Societies. Within the Societies Program, small groups of students work with each other and a faculty mentor throughout all four years of medical school.


Every student at the College of Medicine – Tucson will have the opportunity to design and successfully complete a hypothesis-driven research Scholarly Project (SP). Students work closely with mentors throughout the four years of their project. Through this process students learn about medical information literacy, life-long learning, teamwork, effective communication, research methods, evidence-based medicine approaches and ethics related to scholarly inquiry.

Graduate Medical Education

Residencies and fellowships

We offer accredited residency programs and fellowships in all major specialties and subspecialties. More than 50 programs are offered through our two University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC) locations and our institutional partners. 

Other degrees

Dual-degree programs

Our dual-degree MD programs (MD/MBA, MD/MPH and MD/PhD) let you pursue a world of opportunities that intersect medicine, including research, public service, business and more.

MS and PhD programs

Many College of Medicine departments and affiliated programs offer MS and PhD degrees for students interested in pursuing research or non-medical health care professions.

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