Moynahan Dedicated to Success of Medical Student Education

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dr. Kevin Moynahan, MD, is not only the deputy dean of education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, but also is a dedicated alumnus who enables current medical students to attain educational success.

By guiding students and implementing new programs, he’s enabled the medical education curriculum and student learning to flourish.

Dr. Moynahan grew up in Manhattan but moved to Tucson before starting high school. Four years later, in 1985, he began his undergraduate studies at the UA. While his father was a radiologist, he felt passionate and connected to anthropology.

Despite his belief that he’d always return home to New York, Dr. Moynahan completed his undergraduate studies and applied to medical school at the UA College of Medicine. Ultimately, he said he wanted to combine his strong interests in science, genetics and evolution.

“I really enjoyed life sciences and I had a medical background because of my father. Like a lot of students, I wanted to combine my love for science and working with people. Medicine seemed an obvious choice,” he explained.

A member of the College of Medicine Class of 1993, Dr. Moynahan went on to specialize in internal medicine and began to find a home in Tucson.

“I always felt the environment was very supportive as a medical student and I actually fell in love with Tucson,” he explained.

Dr. Moynahan met and married his wife, Martha Eicher, MD, in medical school, and soon they started a family.

After completing his residency at University Medical Center, now named The University of Arizona Medical Center, he was hired by the College of Medicine as a faculty member, an assistant professor of medicine.

“I always knew I was interested in education,” Dr. Moynahan explained. “I wanted to be a medical educator and expand my skills in medical education. I believe that one can become a better physician through teaching.”   

Nearly 23 years later, he said he is still proud to be a part of the College of Medicine community because of the students, faculty and staff.

“The environment here is fantastic. The students are personable and enthusiastic. They want to learn and they drive me to learn everyday,” he explained. “I’ve grown up with the faculty and it’s been a great experience. And I can’t say enough about the staff who run this place.”

But Dr. Moynahan’s excellence and personal dedication to the College have not gone unnoticed. He was named the Clinical Sciences Educator of the Year in 2000 and 2001. He was awarded the title for the third time in a row in 2002. It was then that the College presented him the Clinical Sciences Educator of Year Lifetime Award.

“As an educator, these awards are the biggest compliments I could have ever been given, in terms of making a difference,” Dr. Moynahan explained.

Interim Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, Amy Waer, MD, said that her peer's committment to the students and college have helped move the College of Medicine forward.

"Kevin is truly a gifted physician with a passion for education particularly as it pertains to medical students," she said. "His dedication and vision for change has resulted in many successful improvements for the University of Arizona College of Medicine."

One of his biggest contributions to the College has been his work as the director of the Societies Program. As the “learning community-based” form of education goes into its sixth year, we look forward to providing you with an in-depth look into what it means to the students and faculty at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson.     

The Office of Alumni Affairs would like to thank Dr. Moynahan for his continual efforts to make the Tucson campus the best it can be. Congratulations on all your achievements as an educator and physician.