A Note from the Student Body Chairman

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s definitely been a quite a year – one full of surprises, excitement, new additions, busy days, countless hours of studying for tests, but most importantly, plenty of good times shared by all! Whether it was revealing the incredible newly redesigned student lounge (which is phenomenal… if you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you should!) to welcoming the freshly white-coated MSI’s with all their enthusiasm and their fully equipped iPads (wait… iPads? Really? What ever happened to paper notes? I mean, they’ve worked since the dawn of time, so if it ain’t broke…), I can vouch that the University of Arizona College of Medicine is still the best place to learn the discipline of medicine. Now, there is a caveat here – as an MSII, I’ve come to appreciate this new perspective of medical school, most likely due to the fact that Boards are looming large around the corner, and I am keenly aware that, as classes ahead have suggested, that I “enjoy it now, before you disconnect from the world for six weeks”… oh no… panic attack…not again… hopefully it’ll pass quickly…

All joking aside, this year really has been one of the best. As chair of Student Government, I get the unique opportunity to see both sides of life here at the College of Medicine. Each day, as I walk the halls to class, I hear students talking about lectures (right now it’s all about neuroscience or immunity and infection), making plans for the weekend or saying a quick “Hi! How are you?” to an MSIII/MSIV who darts in and out of the lounge for a quick game of ping pong or to rest for a moment during a busy rotation. Behind the scenes, I see faculty actively tailoring their teaching styles to best serve the needs of the student body, asking for constant feedback and critique, all with the noble intention of doing their part to educate the next generation of clinicians. I also watch alumni give of their own time to come back to the UA College of Medicine and mentor students, to discuss potential career paths with them and to stay connected to this great school. It is an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, of camaraderie and support, and it is nothing short of amazing.

I am lucky to be a part of this community. Yes, the requirements to remain a part of this dynamic place are steep – sacrificing time, fun, sleep, and sanity for hours of study to learn what will be needed to best serve future patients – but it is completely worth it. The people are what make this place everything that it is – a place to learn, forge friendships, enhance one’s skills and be connected to the ever-changing field of medicine. They are also what keep alumni like you coming “home” each year to visit, reminisce and share of your own time spent here. So here’s to us, the past, present and future generations of the University of Arizona College of Medicine!

With that said, and a virology midterm in two days, I think it’s time I sign off. Also, if anyone has suggestions for how to learn every DNA and RNA virus known to man in 48 hours, please contact me ASAP…Your help is much appreciated!

Joshua Damian, MSII
MD Candidate, Class of 2014
Chair, Student Government
President, Arizona Surgery Club