Scholarship Established In Honor of Gumble

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson said goodbye to Maggie Gumble as a financial aid staff member and wished her the best of luck with her retirement, on July 1. After 21 years of service in the Office of Financial Aid at the College of Medicine, and 10 previous years on Main Campus, Gumble decided to retire so she can spend her time traveling, reading and with those she loves.

Gumble worked hard to ensure that the medical students were allotted the appropriate amount of financial aid each year. She emphasized that her favorite part about being the associate director of financial aid was working with the students.

“I liked my job best when I was directly helping students. Although, working behind the scenes, which I have done the last several years, has also been fulfilling,” said Gumble. “To me, helping the students to meet their educational and personal goals made all the work involved in financial aid worthwhile.”  

Gumble explained that while the job was a challenge because of constant change and new regulations, she always was busy and engaged.

“Financial aid is always challenging because federal regulations change and must be adhered to, and policies and procedures change to keep pace,” she explained. “Computer conversions are always a challenge in themselves and can be difficult and frustrating until the bugs are worked out. It also means that financial aid is never boring and the job brings its own rewards in the appreciation and success of our students.”

Throughout her years at the University, Gumble said she saw many changes. She tells many stories that include the process through which, in the past, students were able to obtain their financial aid by checks.

“If medical students wanted to see a financial aid counselor, they had to go to the Administration Building and wait in line. Checks were distributed by the Bursar’s Office and they had to wait in line to sign for paper checks, which weren’t available until the other colleges started classes in August,” she said.

Now the UA Bursar’s Office uses electronic deposit, which sends the money directly to the students’ bank accounts. When Gumble started at the UA in 1980, it was almost entirely a paper process.

“Computers have changed the world and many of our daily life experiences depend upon their availability and the efficiency, and effectiveness, of computer programming,” she said.
With her work at the UA behind her, Gumble said she is ready to enjoy this new chapter of her life.

“Retirement gives me time to spend with family and friends, travel, and read a lot of good books,” she said.

Although she has completed her time at the College of Medicine, she will never be forgotten; a scholarship fund has been established in her honor. The Maggie Gumble Endowed Scholarship in Medicine will benefit the medical students that she has served with distinction for two decades. It is a tribute to her dedication and lifetime of service to the University of Arizona and to the College of Medicine. The scholarship will benefit College of Medicine – Tucson students with financial need, who desire to serve as a primary care physicians in an underserved community in Arizona.

“I was amazed and gratified that a scholarship was established in my name. Funding a medical education is an expensive undertaking and is becoming even more so with the increases in tuition. It is an honored legacy and I hope that the endowment raises many contributions so that medical students can benefit from it in perpetuity,” she said.

In addition to the scholarship, Gumble always will be remembered and thanked by the thousands of students she has helped.

The following are posts made by College of Medicine alumni on our Facebook page who wished to thank Gumble for her dedication and years of support:

Kevin Craig, MD, Class of 1998 – “Thanks Maggie, I would have never made it without you.”

Kim Rutherford, MD, Class of 1992 – “Thanks Maggie! I wouldn't be where I am today without you. You were the best.”

Jennifer Winn Cameron, MD, Class of 1994 – “Oh, I so remember Maggie. I was a frightened first-year med student without a clue. She helped me with all my paperwork and numerous questions. I had no one else but she was there for me. I don't think I ever told her that.”

Barbara Hartley, MD, Class of 1996 – “Maggie went to bat for me in so many ways. I’ll never be able to thank her adequately. It would not have been possible for me to have my practice here in Benson without her help.Maggie, you’ll be missed.”

Gretchen Hull, MD, Class of 1999 – “Maggie, the future and current students will miss you. You helped me so much, in so many ways. Your expertise was invaluable. I wish you all the best in your retirement.”

Julie Madsen, MD, Class of 1996 – “Thank you, Maggie, for helping me to navigate the maze of med school financial aid! You were a critical support for me and all of my colleagues and your expertise made a stressful process much less painful. I hope there is a Maggie protégé to serve as a similar resource for future students!”

Sunita Mishra, MD, Class of 1994 – “Maggie, I am sure you don’t remember, but I remember you! Thanks so much for helping me wade through all that paperwork.”

Farah Lokey, MD, Class of 2005 – “Thanks a lot Maggie for being such an integral part of our school and break room. You helped us out a lot and always were very nice to talk to.” 

Aileen Lo, MD, Class of 2010 – “Thank you, Maggie! You were so awesome for helping me with the financial aid paperwork. You were always looking out! Thanks for allowing med school to be affordable.”

To make a gift to the Maggie Gumble Endowed Scholarship of Medicine, visit and change designation to “other”. Then, type in “Maggie Gumble Endowed Scholarship of Medicine” in the description box.