Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC)

Voting privileges: 12 faculty and 4 medical students. Faculty serve for 3 years with one renewable term. Students elect one member per medical-school class for four-year terms, and one substitute student per class
Non-voting privileges: Curricular Affairs
Leadership: Chairperson and vice-chair elected by members

Tucson Curriculum Management Subcommittee (TCMS)

Voting privileges: Block and Course directors (one per block/course); Thread Dirs., Dir. and co-Dir. of Societies Program; Discipline directors (who are not Block or Thread dirs.); supervisor of Block and Instructional Unit coordinators
Non-voting privileges: Deputy Dean of Education, Curricular Affairs and Student Affairs' associate deans; Dir. Faculty Instructional Dev.; 1 voting TCCS member; 2 students (one from Years 1 & 2); Block Coords., Dir. of Program Evaluation; other staff
Leadership: Chairperson, elected by members, serves two-year term; first as Vice-Chair and then as Chair. Vice-Chair elected each year

Tucson Electives Subcommittee (TES)

Voting privileges: 1 basic science faculty member and 1 clinical faculty member appointed by TEPC for staggered three-year terms, with no term limit; Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs; 2 students (one each from Years 3 & 4)
Non-voting privileges: Curricular Affairs Evaluation Director; other staff
Leadership: Chairperson elected by members

Tucson Evaluation Subcommittee (TEVS)

Voting privileges: 5 Faculty (1 TEPC, 1 TCMS, 1 TCCS, 2 Faculty-at-Large), 4 Medical Students (one from each class), Support Members (Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs, Director of Accreditation, Assistant Director of Preclerkship, Assistant Director of Clerkship, Manager of Assessment & Evaluation, TEPC chair
Leadership: Chairperson is the Director of Program Evaluation & Student Assessment.

Exam Review Subcommittee (ERS)

Experts in Student Performance Assessment; 1 Discipline Director; AMES member or faculty experienced with writing MCQ; other ad hoc content consultants as recommended by Block directors and/or the Exam Review Subcommittee members.
Leadership: Chairperson is the Manager of Assessment & Evaluation

Policy Revision Subcommittee (PRT)

Leadership: Chairperson is the Director of Program Evaluation & Student Assessment
Members: Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Accreditation, Director of Curriculum & Integrative Learning, Director of Faculty Instructional Development, Assistant Director of Preclerkship, Assistant Director of Clerkship, Senior Program Coordinator, Director of Student Records, Director of Financial Aid, and Director of COM ITS.