Curricular Affairs

Policy Review Subcommittee (PRS)


The Policy Review Subcommittee is a subcommittee within the Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC) tasked to create, evaluate, and revise policies related to the Undergraduate Medical Education Program. The Policy Review Subcommittee meets to review new policies and existing policies brought forth to TEPC.


  • Chairperson: Assistant Dean of Assessment, Evaluation and Analytics
  • Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  • Director of Accreditation
  • Assistant Director of Pre-Clerkship Education 
  • Assistant Director of Clerkship Education 
  • Program Manager for Clinical Education
  • Senior Program Coordinator
  • Director of Student Records
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of COM ITS
  • TEPC Student Representative(s)


  • Regularly review current policies to update to current levels on language, curriculum changes (e.g., new curriculum implementation), LCME standards.

  • Review, edit, and discuss new policies related to the Undergraduate Medical Education Program

  • Provide edits, feedback, and discussion of existing policies related to the Undergraduate Medical Education Program

  • Discuss any conflicts or issues that may result from any changes or edits to policies related to the Undergraduate Medical Education Program

  • Present proposed new policies, policy revisions, and edits to TEPC for approval

  • Pending periodic review by TEPC of COM-T’s policies, the PRS may be charged with facilitating these reviews.

Approval Flow Process for TEPC Policy Revisions

  1. New Request for Policy Creation or Revision

    • Individual submits a request for policy creation or revision to the Policy Review Subcommittee (PRS) Chair

  2. General Counsel Review

    • PRS Chair sends any proposed policy changes for review by the Office of the General Counsel when warranted.

  3. PRS Review

    • Individual requesting review presents at a PRS Meeting the proposal for policy creation or revision.

    • Subcommittee reviews the proposal, makes edits, and prepares a recommendation for TEPC’s review for approval.

  4. TEPC Review and Decision

    • TEPC reviews the PRS’s proposed changes and approves, denies, or recommends further revision of the adoption of the new policy or revision of existing policy.

  5. PRS Second Review (if applicable)

    • If TEPC recommends further revision, then Steps 3 and 4 are repeated.

    • If a second review applies, the TEPC’s subsequent Review and Decision will be final.  

  6. Policy Review Outcome

    • Approved new or revised policy will be dated with the date of TEPC meeting when it was approved and will be uploaded to the UA COM-T website.

    • Denied proposals will be communicated to the initiator(s) of the request.


Updated and approved by TEPC March 17, 2021