Curricular Affairs

Policy Revision Subcommittee (PRS)


The Policy Revision Subcommittee is a subcommittee within TEPC tasked to evaluate, revise, and discuss policies related to TEPC. The policies that TEPC manages include: curriculum, grading and progression, evaluation and assessment, etc. The Policy Revision Subcommittee meets regularly adhoc to review new policies and existing policies brought forth to TEPC.


  • Chairperson: Director of Program Evaluation & Student Assessment
  • Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  • Director of Accreditation
  • Director of Curriculum & Integrative Learning
  • Director of Faculty Instructional Development
  • Assistant Director of Pre-Clerkship
  • Assistant Director of Clerkship
  • Senior Program Coordinator
  • Director of Student Records
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of COM ITS
  • COM-T General Counsel


  • Regularly review current policies to update to current levels on language, curriculum changes (e.g. new curriculum implementation), LCME standards, etc.
  • Review, edit, and discuss new TEPC policies when tasked by TEPC
  • Provide edits, feedback, and discussion of existing TEPC policies when tasked by TEPC
  • Discuss any conflicts or issues that may result from any changes or edits to TEPC policies
  • Present proposed policy revisions and edits to TEPC for approval

Approval Flow Process for TEPC Policy Revisions

  1. New Request for Policy Revision
    • Individual submits a request for policy revision.
    • Chair of TEPC Policy Review Subcommittee is notified of the request for policy revision.
  2. TEPC -Initial Discussion
    • Individual presents at a TEPC Meeting their proposal for policy revision.
    • TEPC discusses the proposed changes and approves/denies the move toward revision.
    • Gives the charge to the Policy Subcommittee to revisit the specific policy.
  3. TEPC Policy Subcommittee
    • TEPC Policy Subcommittee Chair gathers the current policy, the proposed changes, and sends out to Policy subcommittee members.
    • Subcommittee reviews the changes, makes edits, and prepares a revised policy for review.
    • Subcommittee approves to have the General Counsel review.
  4. General Counsel Review
    • TEPC Policy Subcommittee will usually have a member of General Counsel on the subcommittee to help review throughout, but in case not...
    • TEPC Policy Chair sends the final revised policy to be reviewed by General Counsel.
    • General Counsel will approve to move forward to TEPC or send back to TEPC Policy Taskforce for revisions
  5. TEPC - Final Discussion and Vote
    • The TEPC Policy Chair will request to put the Subcommittee approved policy revision on the schedule to be presented to TEPC.
    • TEPC Policy Chair will present the revisions and final revision at a TEPC Meeting.
    • TEPC members will vote to either approve, deny, or request further edits. If further edits are necessary, it will go back to TEPC Policy Subcommittee.
  6. (Optional) TEPC Policy Subcommittee
    • This step is ONLY if further changes needed requested by TEPC.
    • Subcommittee reviews the additional changes, makes edits, and prepares a revised policy for review and vote by TEPC members.
  7. Revised Policy is Approved
    • Approved revised policy will be dated with the date of TEPC meeting when it was approved.
    • Approved revised policy will be uploaded to the UACOM-T website.