Curricular Affairs

Tucson Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee (TCCS)


The Tucson Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee (TCCS) is a standing subcommittee of the Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC). It is the principal subcommittee that oversees content, content delivery and quality of the clinical curriculum. The charge to the TCCS is to make policy recommendations to the TEPC concerning the structure, development, and delivery of the educational program, but does not establish such policy. 

Voting Members:

  • There are 12 voting members
  • Clerkship directors (9 total)
  • Transition to Clerkships course director (1 total)
  • Intersessions course director (1 total)
  • Electives Subcommittee Chair (1 total)

Supporting Members

  • Vice Dean for Education
  • Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions
  • Discipline Director Radiology
  • Lead administrative personnel (Curricular Affairs, COM Administration and Student Affairs)
  • All coordinators for clerkship and Transition to Residency required clerkships/courses
  • Application of Basic Sciences and Residency Bootcamp course Directors
  • Assistant Dean, Assessment, Evaluation and Learning Analytics
  • Senior Manager, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Other Education Support Staff, as required by committee task


  • The Chair of the Tucson Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee will serve as the officer of the whole Committee. The position of Chair of the Committee begins on July 1 and lasts for one year.
  • Any voting member of TCCS will be eligible to serve as Chairperson. The term of service will be two years, the first year as Vice-Chair and the second year as Chair. A new Vice-Chair will be elected each year. The Vice-chair will be elected no later than the regularly scheduled TCCS meeting in May of each year.


  • Ensures all relevant LCME Accreditation Standards are met.
  • Ensures that the curriculum uses formally adopted medical education program objectives to guide the selection of curriculum content, review and revise the curriculum, and establish the basis for evaluating programmatic effectiveness.
  • Ensures student performance assessment activities meet the Core Competencies and Measurable Objectives of the curriculum.
  • Ensures integration of curriculum content within and across clerkships and other required courses.
  • Oversees annual clerkship block evaluations (instruction, organization and delivery).
  • Recommends policy and policy changes affecting the clerkship and transition to residency phases of the curriculum  to TEPC.
  • Oversees the authorization and reauthorization of off-campus clinical instruction sites.
  • Fulfills policies established by TEPC.
  • Assembles and compiles clerkship and transition to residency data as required for accreditation review efforts.
  • Assembles and compiles clerkship and transition to residency data as required for TEPC mandated review processes.