Curricular Affairs

Tucson Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee (TCCS)


The Tucson Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee (TCCS) is a standing subcommittee of the Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC).  Reporting to TEPC, TCCS…..


  • Voting Members
  • There are 12 voting members
  • Clerkship directors (7 total)
  • Transition to Clerkships course director (1 total)
  • Intersessions course director (1 total)
  • Emergency Medicine & Critical Care course director (1 total)
  • Elected from the General Faculty (three-year terms) (2 total)
    • One faculty from a basic science department
    • One faculty from a clinical department

Supporting Members

  • Radiology representative
  • Lead administrative personnel (OMSE, COM Administration and Student Affairs)
  • Chair of the Tucson Electives Subcommittee
  • Other support personnel as required, including all coordinators for Years III-IV required clerkships/courses


Leadership will be elected by the members of the subcommittee.


Related to Years 3 and 4

  • Ensures all affecting LCME Accreditation Standards are met
  • Ensures course objectives and student performance assessment activities meet the Core Competencies and Measurable Objectives of the curriculum
  • Determines breadth and depth, and currency of content of the required clerkships and courses
  • Identifies content gaps and redundancies
  • Ensures integration of curriculum content within and across clerkships and other required courses
  • Oversees annual clerkship block evaluations (instruction, organization and delivery)
  • Recommends policy and policy changes affecting Tucson Years 3 and 4 to TEPC
  • Oversees the authorization and reauthorization of off-campus clinical instruction sites
  • Fulfills policies established by TEPC
    • Assembles and compiles Years 3 and 4 data as required for accreditation review efforts
    • Assembles and compiles Years 3 and 4 data as required for TEPC mandated review processes