Curricular Affairs

Tucson Curriculum Management Subcommittee (TCMS)


The TCMS is a standing subcommittee of TEPC. It is the principal subcommittee that oversees content, content delivery and quality of Years 1 and 2 curriculum. The charge to the TCMS is to make policy recommendations to the TEPC concerning the structure, development, and delivery of the educational program, but does not establish such policy.  TCMS also contributes to the biennial review of blocks. TCMS produces one of the review reports that covers the evaluation of block content, examinations and instructional effectiveness. The TCMS block review report is delivered to the TEPC.  TCMS may establish guidelines and procedures required to fulfill its charges.  It also assists in the development and implementation of curricular innovations.


Voting Members

  • All Block and Course Directors (limited to one Director or designee per block or course)
  • All T3 Directors* (T3 content is content traditionally described as being of “social and behavioral” character.)
  • Director and Co-Director of the Societies Program
  • Discipline Directors who are not Block or Thread Directors
  • Supervisor of Block and Instructional Unit Coordinators

Supporting Members:

  • Deputy Dean for Education
  • Associate Dean for Medical Student Education
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Tucson Campus
  • Director of Faculty Instructional Development
  • One voting member of the Tucson Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee of the EPC
  • Block Coordinators
  • Director of Program Evaluation (Educational Support Staff)
  • Director of Student Performance Assessment (Educational Support Staff)
  • Director, Educational Research and Program Evaluation
  • Other Education Support Staff, as required by committee task


  • Any voting member of TCMS will be eligible to serve as Chairperson.
  • The term of service will be two years, the first year as Vice-Chair and the second year as Chair.
  • A new Vice-Chair will be elected each year.


Related to Development and Delivery of the program:

  • Recommends to TEPC a Tucson Track management plan, which includes procedures and schedules for the tasks required to prepare, deliver, and manages all Year 1 and 2 courses in the Tucson Track
  • Implements the Tucson Track management plan established by TEPC
  • Ensures compliance with the management plan and assesses its effectiveness
  • Anticipates or responds to operational concerns with respect to the ongoing delivery of courses

Related to Management of the Curriculum:

  • Responsibilities related to Content:
  • Advises the EPC and/or T-EPC on the breadth and depth of content for courses
  • Recommends and approves the assignment of content topics to courses
  • Advises the EPC and/or T-EPC on the sequence and length of all Year I & Year II courses
  • May conduct specific audits of content for integration and completeness, as necessary

Related to Instruction:

  • Assures that the content and educational activities of courses fulfill institutional objectives
  • Develops guidelines concerning the role and the performance of participating faculty
  • Ensures compliance with established processes for faculty instructional development
  • Monitors procedures for the recruitment, training, assignment, and performance of faculty facilitators
  • Ensures that content and instructional methods are delivered as approved

Related to Assessment of Student Performance:

  • Recommends to TEPC and TEPC policies concerning assessment of student performance
  • Ensures that the content of examinations matches learning objectives and that examinations are consistent with goals of student development as established by the subcommittee and TEPC, and oversees post-administration analysis of examinations to assure their validity and reliability
  • Develops new assessment methods and instruments, consistent with TEPC policies
  • Monitors grading practices and outcomes

Related to Operations, Evaluation and Oversight:

  • Members are considered to represent constituencies within the faculty and staff (e.g., Block and Discipline Directors represent the faculty who teach in their areas) and are expected to consult with their constituents on matters arising before the subcommittee and to inform them about policies and procedures established by the subcommittee.
  • Provides regular reports to TEPC concerning the delivery and quality of Years 1 and 2 of the Tucson Track
  • Implements TEPC Evaluations Plan for Years 1 and 2 blocks and produces review reports on individual blocks
  • Generates and compiles other evaluation and review data as directed
  • Oversees changes to Years 1 and 2 as required by TEPC
  • Participates as required in comprehensive review processes, including reviews related to LCME accreditation