Curricular Affairs

Tucson Electives Subcommittee (TES)


The Tucson Electives Subcommittee (TES) is a standing subcommittee of TEPC. This subcommittee meets quarterly and is responsible for the oversight of elective courses offered at the College of Medicine – Tucson. Its role is to:

  • Monitor and review the structure, quality and delivery of the elective curriculum for the College of Medicine – Tucson. 
  • Identify gaps in terms of availability of electives in certain specialties or areas of interest.
  • Evaluate electives including reading through all student feedback for those electives, checking the quality of the feedback that is being provided to students for the purposes of the MSPE, working with electives directors and coordinators to help ensure robust and consistent assessment within the elective, etc.
  • Make recommendations to the Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC) concerning the structure, development, delivery and use of the electives curriculum.
  • Report annually to the TEPC and provides support for evaluation and review functions for electives as directed.
  • May establish guidelines and procedures in consultation with TEPC.


Voting Members

  • Serving with voting privileges
    • No less than six faculty members, representing a variety of departments. These six include:
      • At least one at-large basic science faculty member approved by TEPC (voting)
      • At least one at-large clinical faculty member approved by TEPC (voting)
      • Transition to Residency Bootcamp Course Director (voting)
      • Application of Basic Science to Clinical Medicine Course Director (voting)
      • Electives Sub-Committee Chair (voting)
      • One Electives Departmental Director nominated by TES and approved by TEPC (voting)
    • Assistant Dean for Assessment, Evaluation and Analytics (Curricular Affairs) (voting)
    • One student plus one alternate each from MS3 and MS4 classes with one vote per class (appointed) (voting)

Resource Members

  • Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs
  • Program Manager, Clinical Education (Curricular Affairs)
  • Assistant Director, Clinical Education (Curricular Affairs)
  • Program Coordinator, Senior Clinical Education (Curricular Affairs)
  • Senior Manager, Assessment and Evaluation (Curricular Affairs)
  • Assistant Dean, Assessment, Evaluation and Analytics (Curricular Affairs)
  • Representative from IT
  • Any director or coordinator from the Transition to Residency phase can volunteer to serve on the committee as a resource member.

Membership must be approved by TEPC annually at the June meeting.

Quorum: A quorum of the TES is 50% voting members. Votes by proxy are not allowed.


The Electives Director will act as the chairperson for the committee.