Curricular Affairs

Tucson Evaluation Subcommittee (TVS)


The Tucson Evaluation Subcommittee (TVS) is a standing subcommittee of the Tucson Educational Policy Committee (TEPC).  Reporting to TEPC, TVS implements program evaluation/review policies established by the TEPC; supports the evaluation and reporting functions of TEPC for program evaluation of components of the curriculum and Tucson Track.


Voting Members

  • Three faculty members of TEPC
  • Student members of TEPC
  • Three faculty at-large elected by the general faculty
  • Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education
  • Director of Program Evaluation
  • Education specialists in learning, performance assessment and program evaluation
  • The Chair will be elected from the faculty members of the subcommittee.
  • The term of service for faculty and student TEPC members will be for the duration of their tenure on that committee.
  • The term of service for faculty at-large will be two years, in rotating yearly elections.(2-22-10)


  1. Draft TEPC annual evaluation reports including:
    • Level 2 reports that address the evaluation of track components
    • Level 3 reports that address the evaluation of the track
  2. Review and report annually on the effectiveness of the Evaluation Plan for the Tucson Track
  3. Makes policy recommendations to TEPC with respect to program evaluation
  4. Confers with Curricular Affairs and Instructional Technology to develop/modify methods of data collection and reporting
  5. Recommends to TEPC the dissemination of evaluation data to faculty and the appropriate venues for posting of these data.