College of Medicine - Tucson Faculty

Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine - (Clinical Series Track)
Department of Emergency Medicine
Room Number: 118
(520) 626-1631

Faculty Physician
Medical Imaging

Visiting Professor

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Professor, Emergency Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Professor, Emergency Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track) (Banner)
Dept of Emergency Medicine
(520) 626-6312

Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Instructor, Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics - (Clinical Series Track)

Associate Dean, Research-Agriculture and Life Sciences
Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Professor, BIO5 Institute
Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Assistant Professor, (Clinical Scholar Track)
Assistant Professor, Aerospace-Mechanical Engineering
Room Number: 4410
(520) 626-6147

Clinical Assistant Professor, (Clinical Series Track)
Medical Imaging

Associate Professor, Pediatrics - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Room Number: 4341
(520) 626-6182

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - (Clinical Series Track)

Faculty Physician

Interim Governance Council Member
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs
Division Chief, Abdominal Imaging
Director, Abdominal Imaging Fellowship Program
Associate Professor, Medical Imaging - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Medical Imaging
Room Number: 1343
(520) 626-1957

Associate Professor, Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Medical Director, Kidney Transplant, Banner – University Medicine Tucson
Room Number: UAHS 6325
(520) 626-6371

Faculty Physician
Medical Imaging

Clinical Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Clerkship Director
Family and Community Medicine