MD-MPH Program FAQs

How does one apply for the MD-MPH Program?

Application for the MD-MPH is conducted online via the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS). Prospective applicants should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the University of Arizona Mel and Edith Zuckerman College of Public Health.

Applicants to the MD-MPH Daul Degree Program can substitute their MCAT scores for the GRE.

Please note: You must first be accepted to the University of Arizona College of Medicine before you will be considered for admission to the MD-MPH Program.

Must I apply to the MD-MPH Program when I apply to medical school? Can I apply during my first or second year of medical scholl?

Prospective students can apply at the same time as they apply to medical school, or after they have begun their medical school studies. Many students in fact apply during their first year of medical school. The important point is to communicate your intentions with your public health advisor and enroll in the required MD-MPH public health courses during the first year in order to keep up with the requirements of the program and sequence of courses.

Can I take my MPH year at some time other than between 2nd and third year?

The MD-MPH program has been developed to teach the skills and provide a broad overview of the health care system before students begin their clinical rotations. Our experience has been this is the best time for students to take the MPH year.

Will I lose my first two years’ clinical skills if I take an MPH year in the middle?

All our returning students have had no problems starting clinical rotations after the MPH year. The expectation that students maintain a clinical experience of at least four hours a week during this year keeps their clinical skill sharp.

What are the costs of the MD-MPH program?

Students pay medical school tuition during all 5 years of the program.  The MD-MPH program is hosted by the University of Arizona College of Medicine and faculty serve as instructors, mentors and internship directors throughout the course of study. MD-MPH students must remain enrolled as Medical Students during the MPH year. Since the program provides an opportunity to complete the MPH degree in one additional year as opposed to two years for a standard MPH program, this is considered a reasonable expectation.

Are there other alternatives that will let me earn an MPH degree?

There are several MPH schools that offer one year programs for medical students to earn an MPH, and interested students are encouraged to explore other programs. Given the expense and dfificulties of moving to another program for a year, the University of Arizona MD-MPH represents an effective and efficient program.

How do MD-MPH graduates use their education and skills? What employment opportunities are available?

MD-MPH graduates become leaders in a range of agencies and organizations. In addition to using their expertise in clinical and academic programs, many of our graduates accept positions with state and local health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other federal health programs, as well as global health programs and international governments.

Is financial aid available?

Scholarships: There are many scholarships specifically available for medical students. Most are based on financial need, some are based on merit. A list of scholarships and their requirements is mailed to incoming medical students each January.

Loans: Many loans specifically designed for medical students are available, as well as other federal, state and institutional aid.

For information on student financial aid, please contact the College of Medicine Office of Financial Aid.