Graduate Medical Education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson South

GMEC Members

Voting Membership


Eugene Trowers, MD, Program Director, Internal Medicine

Lisa Stoneking, MD, Program Director, Emergency Medicine

Todd Altenbernd, MD, Program Director, Ophthalmology

Kyle Meehan, MD, Program Director, Family Medicine

Mazda Shirazi, MD, Program Director, Medical Toxicology

Victoria Murrain, DO, Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education (DIO)

Lauren Wright, Program Coordinator, Sr, Graduate Medical Education

Resident Members

Gianna O'Hara, MD, Internal Medicine, PGY2

Daniel Orta, MD, Internal Medicine, PGY3

Gabriel Scott, MD, Ophthalmology, PGY2

Daewon Kim, MD, Emergency Medicine, PGY3

Philipp Hannan, MD, Emergency Medicine, PGY3

Philip Call, MD, Family Medicine, PGY3

Ana Casanova, MD, Family Medicine, PGY2

Ralph (Adam) Patterson, MD, Family Medicine, PGY3


Non-Voting Members

John Scherpf, COO, Banner - UMC South

Kevin Moynahan, MD, Chair, Governing Board,  UACOM at South Campus

Robert Aaronson, MD, Exec. Dir., THMEP

Andy Theodorou, MD, Chief Clinical Education Officer, BUMG

Stephen Thompson, MD, Designated Education Officer, VAMC

Bujji Ainapurapu, MD, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine

Sommer Aldulaimi, MD, Associate Program Director, Family Medicine

Anna Waterbrook, MD, Associate Program Director, Emergency Medicine

Roberto Swazo, MD, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine