Graduate Medical Education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson South

Prerequisites & Application Process

Visiting residents interested in participating in elective rotations at The University of Arizona College of Medicine at South Campus must complete the Visiting Resident Application. Participation in any elective rotation will be allowed on a space-available basis.  Selection dates must have final approval from the host department program director.  

Visiting residents must have completed the necessary training and didactic work for the training program and be currently enrolled in an ACGME or ACGME-I accredited program. A letter of goodstanding as well as a completed UACOMSC Visiting Resident Application signed by the home Program Director/Director of Medical Education are required.  The application form can be found here: Visiting Resident Application  Please send both the letter of good standing and application to Lauren Wright at when complete.

When the requested rotation and dates have been approved by the host department's Program Director, a notification will be sent via email from New Innovations regarding a checklist for the required information/documents (listed below) that are needed to complete your application.  The visiting resident will not be permitted to participate in the rotation until all items in New Innovations have been completed.

  1. Immunizations. Visiting residents must submit documentation of the following immunizations:
  • (2) MMR- Measles, Mumps, Rubella- vaccinations or indication that a titer showed MMR immunity
  • (2) Varivax- Chickenpox- vaccinations or indication that a titer showed chickenpox immunity
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine
  • 2-Step TB Skin Test- (2) TB skin tests done at least a week apart and within the last 12 months showing a negative result for TB -OR- a QuantiFERON-TB Gold/T-SPOT TB test within the last 12 months showing a negative result for TB
  1. Personal Health Insurance. Visiting residents must include with their application proof of personal health insurance.  For military applicants, a copy of the back of the visiting resident's DoD Identification Card or proof of insurance from Tricare is required.

  2. License/Training Permit. Visiting residents who do not have a Arizona medical license or Arizona postgraduate trainining permit must complete the appropriate postgraduate training permit application (MD or DO).  The fee for the permit is $50 and will be processed by the GME office upon receipt of the completed application. Participation in an elective rotation is contingent upon visiting resident’s ability to obtain the applicable training permit.

  3. Malpractice Insurance. Proof of professional medical liability with coverage amounts no less than $1,000,000/claim and $3,000,000/aggregate must be submitted with the application (either a copy of the policy or a letter of proof from your Home Institution). NO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA.

  4. OSHA Requirements/Worker’s Compensation. The visiting resident must provide documentation of completed training in Blood and Body Fluid Precautions as set out by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) standards. In addition, the visiting resident must provide certification of Worker’s Compensation coverage.

  5. Most recent Curriculum Vitae.

  6. Medical School Diploma.

  7. ECFMG Certificate. If applicable.

  8. Program Letter of Agreement (PLA). If a PLA has not already been established between the host and home programs.