Graduate Medical Education - Resident and Fellow Wellbeing Program

Cultivating Happiness in Medicine


Banner Health Cultivating Happiness in Medicine (link to full website)

Cultivating Happiness in Medicine

Banner's Commitment to Physician and APP Well-Being

Banner Health has made a commitment to support physician and APP well-being and address physician & APP burnout. But, there are many factors contributing to burnout with rates varying by specialty, location, and career stage. Therefore, Banner launched a multi-year strategy to support physician & APP well-being called Cultivating Happiness in Medicine (CHIM).

A team of physicians, APPs, and others, known as the CHIM team, was formed at the end of 2018 to oversee the implementation of this holistic and comprehensive strategy, which includes the following areas:

  • Develop Leaders
  • Design organizational systems to address human needs
  • Build Social Community
  • Bolster Individual Wellness/Well-Being
  • Reduce preventable harm and support Second Victims
  • Reduce/remove sources of frustration and inefficiency - Pebbles

Banner is committed to supporting your well-being. Active measures are currently being implemented in the above key areas.