Graduate Medical Education - Resident and Fellow Wellbeing Program

Personal Health and Benefits

Residents are eligible for many benefits through Banner Health.  

Banner Health HR Contact information: (800) 827-2464 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

• Up to 6 sessions per issue per year with no copay; other visits based on medical plan coverage • Additional resources available by phone and online.  All employees are eligible upon date of hire.  No enrollment is required and Banner pays full cost.  

1) Call Aetna EAP at 1-866-568-7554.

If it is your first time using your EAP benefits, Aetna will build a file with your name, contact information and preferences. This file is separate and inaccessible by Banner. It is only accessible by Aetna EAP personnel to provide the appropriate service.

2) You will indicate if you prefer to meet with a counselor/psychologist in-person or via telehealth. If you prefer to meet via telehealth, you will be transferred to Arcadian Tele-Psych. Let them know that you will be using you “Aetna Resources for Living” EAP benefits.

Arcadian Tele-Psych will set an appointment with you and handle everything else with the insurance benefits.
If you prefer to meet a counselor or psychologist in-person, the Aetna EAP personnel will assist in providing a list of mental health provider contacts in your preferred zip code. Once they provide the list, you will call any mental health provider on the list to set-up an appointment. Once you have set-up an appointment with the counselors/psychologist, you will call “Aetna Resources for Living” EAP Benefits (1-866-568-7554) to get an authorization code. You will bring the authorization code/form to the session. The mental health provider will then work with Aetna for billing. You will not be expected to pay anything after the session(s).  

Employee Discounts