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We have a three-phase, progressive MD curriculum that takes a holistic view of the human body and of medical knowledge.  Clinical training begins early in the educational program, and basic science lessons continue during the clinical years.  Elective courses give students new perspectives and experiences and let them reflect on what they have learned previously.

Preclerkship Phase
This curriculum phase of study is defined as the first 18-months of medical school with focus on the eight basic sciences core courses, Doctor & Patient/Societies course, and the Clinical Reasoning course, including all longitudinal curriculum sessions intertwined throughout the core courses.  Also included in this phase is the Personalized Active Learning (PAL) summer requirement between the first and second year of medical school.

Clerkship Phase
This curriculum phase of study is defined as the 12-months of seven core clerkship courses, including Intersessions, Transition to Clerkships, and an ambulatory medicine course.

Transition to Residency Phase
This curriculum phase of study is defined as the final 14-months of clinical curriculum, including core sub internship, electives, surgical subspecialty, emergency medicine/critical care courses, back-to-basics science, and transition to residency bootcamp selectives.



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