Community Service Distinction Track

The Community Service Distinction Track builds on the current Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) requirements. Participation in the CUP Program is required to attain Distinction in Community Service.

The Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) program at the University Of Arizona College of Medicine is a student-developed, student-directed co-curricular program. Begun in 1979, CUP provides students with clinical and teaching opportunities working with medically underserved populations. CUP 1 is a separate course from CUP 2. The curriculum committee requires all electives to be developmental in nature and does not allow accrual of any credit from years 1 and 2 to be counted towards credit in years 3 and 4. In addition, when desiring credit for their experience, students are required to submit a 3-5 page reflective paper at the end of their 2nd year for CUP 1 and another 3-5 page reflective paper at the end of their 4th year for CUP 2.

Distinction in Community Service, which is noted on the transcript, is only available to students who complete the minimum of 90 hours/2 credits in both CUP 1 and CUP 2. Students are also required to write a 10-page reflective and cited paper that addresses some element of underserved care that they experienced through CUP. This paper is in lieu of the 3-5 page reflective paper required at the end of 4th year. In this longer, more in-depth paper the student can not only reflect on their experiences, but also can tie in data that relates to that population. Students will reflect on how this will affect their future interactions as a doctor and what these experiences have provided them in terms of learning.

All papers for Distinction in Community Service and CUP 2 credit are due no later than April 1st of the year the student graduates.

For more information about the Community Service Distinction Track, please contact Carlos Gonzales, MD at 520-626-2351 or by email at