Rural Health Professions Program Distinction Track

The Rural Health Distinction Track builds on the current Rural Health Professions Program (RHPP) requirements.

Participation in RHPP is a prerequisite to enter this track:

  • MED-881A: Rural Health Professions Program I, the semester long noon seminar series on rural health issues and is followed by a 4 to 6 week long rural health experience during the PAL (Personalized Active Learning Block.
  • Completion of a total 10 weeks of rural clinical rotations, by participating in an additional 4 to 6 weeks of rural clinical experiences either during:
  • Third Year Clerkship experiences in rural sites:
    • FCM-813C, MED-813C, SURG-813C, OBG-813C, PED-813C, which are 3 to 6 week experiences
  • Elective Clinical Rural Rotations during Transition to Residency:
    • Rural Health Professions Program II at a rural site: FCM-881B, MED-881B, OBG-881B, SURG-881B, PED-881B, which are 2-4 week experiences

The Rural Health Distinction Track adds at a minimum:

  1. By the end of the Spring semester of second year, a student must declare their intention to enter the Distinction Track
  2. 6 additional weeks minimally of another rural clinical experience, to be completed during Clerkship or Transition to Residency.
    • for a total of a minimum of 16 weeks
  3. Selection of a concentration in either:
    • American Indian healthcare, focusing on provision of care to American Indians via the Indian Health Service (IHS) or 638 American Indian Health self-determination healthcare service programs
    • Border healthcare, focusing on the provision of care to the people of the USA-Mexico borderlands (La Frontera)
    • Rural Arizona healthcare, focusing on the provision of care to rural Arizonans
  4. A capstone 10 to 12 page research paper with appropriate references addressing issues that were discovered or identified through their experiences in their area of concentration. This is to be completed during 4th-year course FCM-800D which is a 4 week block.

For more information about the Rural Health Distinction Track, please contact Carlos Gonzales, MD at 520-626-2351 or by email at