MD-MPH Dual-Degree Program

Mission and Purpose

The MD-MPH Dual Degree Program is offered jointly by the College of Medicine and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman Arizona College of Public Health. Graduates of the program are leaders in a wide variety of clinical and public health settings.

A select group of medical students at the UA College of Medicine are accepted into the MD-MPH Dual Degree Program each year. The Program provides students with an opportunity to obtain both the MD and the MPH degrees over a course of study encompassing five years with public health coursework integrated in the medical curriculum. To date, 54 medical students have graduated from the program.

Medical students learn the principles and skills of public health in concert with their clinical training in medicine, including health policy, epidemiology, health planning, health administration and management, community assessment, program evaluation, social and behavioral sciences, environmental and occupational health, and global health. Future physicians admitted to the program acquire the knowledge and develop expertise to achieve improvements in community health and become leaders in the health care field.

The emphais of the MD-MPH Program is on Clinical Leadership.  Clinical leadership involves more than the provision of quality medical care. It requires an ability to view the larger context of health, understand the social derminants of health, manage health care organizations, and plan, implement and evaluate improvements in community health. The MD-MPH program is designed to give students an exposure to the important issues of public health, prevention and clinical medicine, teach problem solving skills, and provide a framework for developing, implementing, administering and evaluating effective health programs in a changing health care environment.

Eligibility and Admissions

  • Medical students accepted to or currently enrolled in the University of Arizona College of Medicine are eligible to apply for the MD-MPH Program.
  • New medical students may apply for the program at the same time as they apply to the UA medical school.
  • Admission is generally limited to five students per year. Applications are reviewed for a strong emphasis on public service, including volunteer work.
  • Applications are due March 31 for consideration for the Fall semester.