Curricular Affairs

Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) Programs

The Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) program provides students the opportunity to enhance their clinical and teaching skills by working with medically underserved populations. CUP helps medical students learn about community service and gives students insight into how socioeconomic and cultural factors impact health and access to health care.

Working with the CUP volunteer physicians and community partners shows the students the myriad ways to stay involved in service as a physician, regardless of specialty.

CUP programs are student-run and student-driven. For more information about the clinics and how to schedule an appointment, visit the CUP Clinic website

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Community Service Distinction Track
Students interested in CUP should also consider pursuing an MD distinction track in Community Service, which relies heavily on CUP service.

Assistant Dean, Curricular Affairs
Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track)
Director, Rural Health Professions Program & Commitment to Underserved People Program
(520) 626-0500

Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Medical Director, Commitment to Underserved People Program
(520) 626-9390

Program Coordinator, Senior
(520) 626-3691