Harmony Magazine

Harmony is a visual arts and literary journal featuring works by students, faculty, staff and patients of all colleges within the Arizona Health Sciences Center and entire University of Arizona system, as well as outside national and international contributors. The magazine is a collaborate effort between the College of Medicine's Curricular Affairs department's Medical Humanities program and student editors, and features essays, short stories, poetry, visual art, and photography.   Harmony acccepts submissions of original, unpublished work related to the world of medical humanities.

2021 Harmony Edition:

"Rebirth" - As we settle into a “new normal”, the 2021 Harmony Magazine edition will provide a platform for the visual and literary arts to enable us to explore a rebirth.  We are looking for submissions that consider innovative and diverse ways we can memorialize our past, as we breathe new life in the future for healthcare practitioners, patients and caregivers. Consider rebirth as a vehicle for creating empathy, social justice, healing in all its forms, and humane compassionate care for everyone.


Submissions to Harmony:

Please ensure that you follow the Submssion Guidelines exactly, or your work will not be considered this year!  In years past, there has been much liniency with spelling and gramatical errors, size inaccuracies of photos or written submissions, and incorrect formats.  Works that do not adhere to the set guidelines will be automatically eliminated.


Submit your work to Harmony here


Submissions will be considered for the following awards:

  • Mathiasen Prose Award — Best submission in either prose or poetry. 
  • Ryan Visual Arts Award — Best visual arts submission. 
  • Parada Medical Student Award — Best overall submission from a University of Arizona medical student. 

Our most recent issues are below.

Past issues of Harmony

You can also see an archive of most past issues on Scribd.