Harmony Magazine Submission Form

Submission period OPEN for the 2022 edition of Harmony Magazine

Please fill out the form below and then submit entry(s) separately  to: harmonymagazine@gmail.com.  All entries are due by October 19, 2022.  Notification of acceptances will be done in the December of 2022. Three monetary awards of $300 each will be given for 1) best prose submission, 2) best art submission, and 3) one University of Arizona COM-T medical student will be awarded best submission (in either art or prose). Prize winners will be announced at a future date.  

Submission Guidelines

1. To ensure that the work is reviewed anonymously, please do not include any identifying information within the file itself 

2. Inlcude a cover letter with your name, current mailing address, how you heard about Harmony (website, email, flyer, etc), and brief one to two-line bio.  Identify if you are a medical student, and if so, what year

3. Title each entry

4. All entries must be submitted in separate emails.  (No grouping of multiple submissions in one email.)

5. Harmony cannot guarantee that submissions (once accepted) can be pulled by the author for use in another publication

6. Previously submitted work to Harmony will not be considered

Written Work: (limited to one piece of prose, or four poems)

  • Submissions must be 5,000 words or less, typed in a Word document, using 12 pt. Calibri font, doubled-spaced
  • Harmony is not responsible for spelling & grammar errors.  Please provide a clean, error-free version, or the submission will not be considered
  • Include page numbers within header on each page

Visual Work: (limited to 4 entries)

  • TIF or jpg format, in CMYK color mode - do not use a different format as the quality of the image will be reduced
  • Resolution of at least 300 dpi, using approximate standard sizes such as 4x6, 5X7, or 8x10.  Please do not submit entries of non-standard sizes or they will be edited to fit our dimensions


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