Professional Program Members

Bruce Coull, MD
Professor of Medicine & Neurology, Committee Chair

Robert Aaronson, MD
Community Physician, TMC

Gordon Carr, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Banner UMC – Tucson

Conrad Clemens, MD
Associate Dean, GME, COM

Nicholas Delamere, PhD
Chair, Physiology, COM

Sharon Dial, DVM, PhD, DAVCP
Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Sean Elliott, MD
Interim Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs, COM

George Fantry, MD
Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Admissions, COM

Christina Forman-Goerke
Academic Division Team Lead for CPAI
(Clinical Performance Assessment and Improvement)
Banner UMC – Tucson

Pam Jones

Sam Keim, MD
Chair, Emergency Medicine, COM

Kevin Moynahan, MD
Deputy Dean, Education, COM

Victoria Murrain, DO
Associate Dean, GME, COM

Leigh Neumayer, MD
Chair - Surgery, COM

Gail Pritchard, PhD
Director, Resident/Fellow Development, Curricular Affairs, COM

Bill Rappaport, MD
Asst. Dean for Career Development, COM
Professionalism Program Ombudsman, COM

David Sheinbein, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Banner University Medical Group – South Campus

Andy Theodorou, MD
Regional Chief Medical Officer, BUMCT, Banner UMC – Tucson

Stephen Thomson, MD
Associate Chief of Staff for Education, VA/Tucson

Cathy Townsend, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, Banner UMC – Tucson

Sonia de Leon, Diane Poskus, Paul Weissburg, Kristie Bowen
Professionalism Support Team, Curricular Affairs, COM