Professional Program Members

Bruce Coull, MD (Committee Chair)
Professor of Medicine & Neurology, COM-T

Robert Aaronson, MD
Clinical Professor,
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

Bethany Bruzzi, MD
Chief Medical Officer, BUMC - SC

Conrad Clemens, MD
Senior Associate Dean, GME, COM-T

Janet Corral, PhD
Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs, COM-T

Nicholas Delamere, PhD
Chair, Physiology, COM-T

Sharon Dial, DVM, PhD, DAVCP
Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

George Fantry, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Admissions, COM-T

Christina Forman-Goerke
Academic Division Team Lead for CPAI
(Clinical Performance Assessment and Improvement)
BUMC – Tucson

Sam Keim, MD
Chair, Emergency Medicine, COM-T

Josh Lee, MD
Physician Executive, BUMG-T

Kevin Moynahan, MD
Deputy Dean, Education, COM-T

Victoria Murrain, DO​
Deputy Dean, Diversity & Inclusion, COM-T
Assistant Dean, GME, COM

Andy Theodorou, MD
Chief Education Officer, BUMG

Cathy Townsend, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, BUMC-T