Professionalism Report Workflow

In response to student feedback, to ensure patient safety, and in the spirit of transparency, the college has adopted a Just Culture Algorithms™ workflow for addressing reports of unprofessional behavior.

Just Culture Algorithms™

Please use your NetID and password to access the workflow document.

The Just Culture Algorithms™ represent the Professionalism Program’s workflow for sharing professionalism reports with the Peer Review Committee (PRC) of Banner – University Medical Group, and outline the procedures for reporting and handling professional misconduct. This defined workflow helps to identify the root causes of unprofessional behavior and to implement systemic measures for enhanced accountability and patient safety. The response to such behaviors begins with awareness-building and education, advancing to interventions, and, if behaviors persist or are particularly severe, moving to disciplinary actions. Serious breaches can lead to hefty consequences, including suspension or termination, in line with employment policies and prevailing state and federal laws. This workflow also streamlines the Professionalism Program Committee’s communication to Banner as well as closing the loop to ensure that lapses in professionalism are addressed.

Last modified date: September 15, 2023 - 8:23am