Online and Microcampus Programs

Why Online?

As part of the larger UA Health Sciences Strategic Plan, the UA College of Medicine – Tucson is looking to increase course diversity and offerings available to both prospective and continuing students. The UA College of Medicine – Tucson is specifically interested in developing and offering a robust selection of online courses that prepare future health care and research leaders while also expanding the scope and diversity of the student population the college serves.


These are graduate level courses focused on preparing the next generation of medical, biomedical research, pharmacy and basic science professionals.

There are currently over 40 courses offered in areas that include:

•       Biotechnology

•       Cell Biology

•       Complex Systems & Disease

•       Genetics & Informatics

•       Human Anatomy, Development and Histology

•       Medical Genetics & Genomics

•       Microscopy & Imaging

•       Endocrinology

•       Research methods

•       Biomedical informatics

•       And counting …

What is a College of Medicine Microcampus? 

The College of Medicine Microcampus will be a UA-designated space on the campus of a partner university that provides students with a connection to the UA in their countries. The following criteria help define a microcampus.

Shared Campus: The partner university allows use of its physical campus and classrooms, and provides a designated space for the UA.
Shared Students: Students maintain their student status at the partner university while enrolled in for-credit UA courses offered on location at the partner university.  
Shared Tuition: UA tuition is shared with the partner insitution. 
Affordable: UA program fees are set near in-state tuition rates to increase access and affordability, and generate scale.
Full Degrees: Students earn a UA degree, either as a dual degree with the partner university, or a stand-alone degree. 
UA Directed: Each micro-campus has a locally-based UA administrator to oversee program delivery, ensure the provision of student services, enforce UA academic integrity standards, promote joint research, and support UA faculty.
Research Incubation: The microcampus serves as a hub for faculty collaboration and capacity building, including joint research and grant proposals.

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