Spring MedPride Social Hour

Come hang out (virtually) with the medical student leaders of MedPride and talk about our goals, lives, and all that good stuff. We will be carrying on our social hour tradition once per block, but this time it will be via Zoom!
Everyone is welcome! Feel free to come say hello and see what we're all about. We are also open to discussing current events and concerns of the community and supporting other LGBTQA+ organizations.

(VIRTUAL) Medical Ethics Reality Forum and MedPride PubMed Ethics: Are FDA blood bans on male/male sex ethical?

Medical students are encouraged to participate & all are welcome to join!

Last week, 14 people discussed the ethical issues related to graduating medical students early. Our pre-discussion poll revealed a 50/50 split of yes/no to whether we should; our post-discussion poll revealed 40% yes and 60% no, but had fewer respondents total. Comments stressed the importance of the voluntary nature of early graduation. As of 4/13, 10 UA MS4s have started residency early. Thank you for your feedback and your participation!

(VIRTUAL) Medical Ethics Reality Forum PubMed Ethics: Should we graduate medical students early?

Medical students are encouraged to participate & all are welcome to join!

We would like to create a space where we are able to relax and explore topics related to the pandemic, while also coming together as a community (via Zoom) in order to provide some much needed social interaction. Though we may need to stay physically apart, we don’t have to work through things alone. Therefore, we would like to present a new series that virtually meets every Friday at 6:00PM through the end of May:

PubMed Ethics: COVID-19 On-Screen!


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