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College of Medicine – Tucson Staff Advisory Committee

The mission of the College of Medicine Staff Advisory Committee (COMSAC) is to foster exceptional employee engagement and professionalism across the entire College by encouraging informed communication, cooperation, productivity, and a collaborative partnership between classified staff, appointed personnel, faculty, and administration.

COMSAC serves as the organized empowerment entity for all university staff who do not function in a supervisory role of other employees in their daily roles within the UA College of Medicine. COMSAC takes an active role in promoting positive recognition of staff contributions to, and involvement in, the College of Medicine’s goals and objectives. COMSAC advocates professional and personal growth of staff through the annual employee recognition of excellence awards event.

COMSAC is comprised of key individuals who are truly interested in mentoring excellence on all levels of professional and personal performance, and who can offer constructive guidance to staff to help them achieve their program’s specific goals. This group provides a forum for all stakeholders to communicate their opinions, share their expertise, and coordinate efforts toward common goals. 

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Lura Hanekamp Award for Excellence (COM)

Lura Hanekamp was part of the COM family for 30 years. She served as an Administrative Assistant in the Department of Physiology until her untimely death in 2010. Her husband, William J. Hanekamp, created an endowment in honor of his late wife to acknowledge and recognize COM staff, like Lura, who dedicate their careers to serving fellow staff, students and faculty.  This permanently endowed fund at the UA Foundation was generously designed to help support the COM-T staff awards in perpetuity by Mr. Hanekamp.

The College of Medicine Staff Advisory Committee is honored to help the UA College of Medicine – Tucson community recognize outstanding employees who are committed to excellence in service.

The Lura Hanekamp Award of Excellence is presented to university staff who are organizational contributors or professional contributors bi-annually. Look out for the opportunity to nominate a co-worker who earns this type of recognition.  ** Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, COMSAC decided not to host an awards event in the 2020 calendar year.**  The next award ceremony, if circumstnaces allow will be held in Fall 2021.

Council Members:

Jennifer Bunger - Co-Chair    Claudia R. Duran - Co-Chair           
Steve Froehlich - Committee Member  Gilbert Maldonado - Committee Member  Sasha Verdugo - Committee Member


Membership in COMSAC is an excellent opportunity for you to grow.

Gain Self Confidence
Improve Job Performance through Networking
Gather Material for a More Powerful Resume

Contact Claudia R. Duran (crduran@email.arizona.edu) for membership information.