Faculty Affairs

UA Vitae

Each year the University of Arizona annually reviews faculty (both UA and Affiliates) in our online system, UA Vitae. This system allows comprehensive accounting of faculty activities, facilitates accurate reporting for accreditation, academic program reviews and other reporting needs.

The UA Vitae system provides a single and convenient place for faculty members to archive their achievements. It helps make the range and quality of faculty contributions more visible on campus and to the public. The system captures and archives grant-funded research, scholarly impact, and artistic achievements along with service efforts, committee work, and outreach collaborations with schools, businesses, and community partners.

Each department has knowledgeable staff who support the faculty in using UA Vitae. Please contact your department UA Vitae Coordinator with any questions on how to get started today!

                               2019-2020 UA Vitae Annual Instruction Documents

UA Vitae Annual Review Cycle Interactions with Industry

 COM-Tucson UA Vitae Department Coordinators

Department Main Coordinator Phone Email
Anesthesiology Lauren Chuc 626-9700 ltgallandt@anesth.arizona.edu
Cellular & Molecular Medicine Lesley Cephas 626-6048 cephas@email.arizona.edu
Emergency Medicine Victoria Kirkpatrick 621-4491 vkirkpatrick@aemrc.arizona.edu
  Paulette Pierce 626-3822 paulette@aemrc.arizona.edu
Family & Community Medicine Lina Chavez 626-4491 chavezl@email.arizona.edu
Immunobiology Tonya Fotheringham 626-6084


Medical Imaging Laurie Shapiro 626-9444 lss@radiology.arizona.edu
Medicine Genliscia Edwards 621-9621 gmedwards@deptofmed.arizona.edu
Neurology Joey Wilson 626-2006 joannaw@email.arizona.edu
OB/GYN Cynthia O'Rourke 626-6591 cynthiaorourke@obgyn.arizona.edu
Ophthalmology Pat Broyles 626-0044 pbroyles@eyes.arizona.edu
Orthopaedic Surgery Kelly McComiskey 626-6607 kmccomiskey@ortho.arizona.edu
Otolaryngology Tracie Blades 626-3511 tblades@oto.arizona.edu
Pathology Maureen Driscoll 626-6097 maureend@email.arizona.edu
Pediatrics Trudy Meckler 626-5170 meckler@peds.airzona.edu
Pharmacology Susan Nares 626-7218 naress@email.arizona.edu
Physiology Marlise Bourland 626-7642 marlisef@email.arizona.edu
Psychiatry Jessica Bodzioch 874-2123 bodzioch@email.arizona.edu
Radiation Oncology Angie Brinson 626-9609 abrinson@email.arizona.edu
Surgery, Neurosurgery & Urology Michelle Guevara 626-3842 mdguevara@surgery.arizona.edu


COM-T UA Vitae Access Request for Support Staff