Faculty Affairs Policies

Conflict of Commitment

  • Conflict of Commitment

    This Conflict of Commitment policy is promulgated to direct College of Medicine – Tucson faculty and their supervisors how much professional absence is permitted, when and whether accrued vacation leave must be used for such absences, and when...

  • Conflict of Commitment

    The University of Arizona encourages its faculty and staff to apply their professional expertise in public, community and outside professional pursuits. This policy is designed to ensure that these external activities do not conflict with...

Promotion and Tenure


  • Benefits-HR

    Financial Services Office policy providing guidelines and restrictions for cases in which relocation costs are necessary for an individual to accept employment with the University.

Title Approval

Human Resources

  • Human Resources

    This document contains the complete and official body of policies for the governance and operation of the Arizona University System. Chapter 6 of the policy manual addresses personnel policy, including the conditions of faculty service.

Professionalism and Integrity

  • Professionalism and Integrity

    The "Statement on Professional Conduct" adopted by the Faculty Senate on January 4, 1971. Although the statement refers most often to faculty members, its principles also apply to administrative and professional personnel.

Student Handbook

MD Curriculum

Faculty Track Changes


  • Committees

    These Bylaws provide procedures by which the faculty committees of the College of Medicine, Tucson will function. 

    Revised November, 2018.

Annual Reviews

Emeritus Status

  • Emeritus Status

    The University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP) policy governing the awarding of emeritus status to faculty.


Conflict of Interest