Faculty Affairs

Recruitment and Hiring

The faculty recruitment process is designed to assist College of Medicine departments in recruiting and hiring the best candidate for basic science positions, clinical openings, and both non-tenure and tenure track positions.  The steps include approval, posting, searching, and offering of the position. 

Position Approval

Each department is responsible for obtaining the appropriate approvals to recruit and fill a position. Clinical positions need to be reviewed by UPRT and approved by the Academic Management Council (AMC).  Tenure track faculty positions also must be approved by the Dean of the College of Medicine – Tucson and the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences.

Position Posting

Once approval has been obtained, the department identifies a diverse search committee, finalizes the job description and posts the position in Talent on the UA HR website.  Faculty positions must be posted for a minimum of 10 days and can remain open for a maximum of one year.  If the approved position will be employed by Banner, the department works with the Banner recruiter to post the opening on the Banner systems. 


Search committee members should review materials on best practices for recruitment.

For tenure track positions, at least one member of the search committee must have attended a provost workshop within the last two years.  Every effort must be made to attract a diverse candidate pool; various venues should be considered by which diverse candidates may be reached. The department should review the diversity of the candidate pool in Talent to assure that it reflects national representation of women and minorities for the field. If this is not the case, the advertising strategy may need to be expanded to attract a wider/diverse candidate pool.

Once candidates apply via Talent, the search committee reviews CVs, and identifies the short list of candidates to interview. This list is forwarded to the department head and is recorded in Talent. The short listed candidates are interviewed using appropriate standardized questions.  The search committee conducts reference checks.  After the interviews and reference checks are completed, a final candidate is identified.

Resources and best practices to help you conduct successful candidate searches are available here.


The hiring phase begins when a candidate has accepted the offer of employment.  The department closes the posting in Talent to begin the background screening process.  Timing is critical at this point because the official letter of offer and the faculty appointment have to be completed by the time the candidate begins employment.  If hiring a clinical position, credentialing will also need to be done by the start date.  For all hires, the department begins the title approval process through the Office of Faculty Affairs, including obtaining three letters of recommendation in support of the proposed rank, as appropriate.  For tenure track positions, the proposed commitments and UA letter of offer have to be submitted electronically for approval by the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and the Provost.  For clinical positions, the department coordinates credentialing and privileging activities with Banner.