Information Technology Services

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Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson with technology support, solutions and services. We help faculty, staff, and students use information technology to be more effective and efficient.


RANSOMWARE ALERT: Today, Flagstaff Unified School District cancelled classes at all of its schools due to what it is calling a “ransomware attack.” This is only the latest in what appears to be a string of malware attacks focusing on SLTT. This summer DHS released a report indicting it had observed an uptick in ransomware targeting State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial entities, and 22 towns in Texas were hit in what may have been a coordinated attack. Please help communicate the following to our UA community: 1. Back up all important data to at least 2 different places. 2. Keep software up to date and systems/devices patched. 3. Use email cautiously, especially when opening unsolicited attachments. more...
Secure Data Update: Infrormational update from The Information Security Office at UITS more...


Email Phishing Activity Targeting Leadership: New Filter Enabled: UITS and other Universities have detected an increase in email phishing activity on campus and has implemented a new filter. more...
University owned laptops - Encryption requirement: College of Medicine-Tucson is requiring the encryption of all university-owned laptops (PC and MAC). more...

Information Technology Services

Student Application Services

  • MedPortal
    MedPortal is a fully-integrated "portal" in which students, faculty, and staff enter one system that manages the entire educational ecosystem and reporting.
  • ExamSoft
    ExamSoft is the assessment-management solution chosen by COM to deliver “high-stakes”, secure exams
  • Oasis
    OASIS is a powerful web-based system designed to facilitate medical school scheduling, record keeping and curriculum tracking.
  • OSCE Testing
    Students are required to take the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (“OSCE”) exam at the end of their second and third years.
  • UAccess
    UAccess is the primary method of delivering Financial, Employee, Student and Research data to colleges across campus.