Information Technology Services

Compliance and Security

College of Medicine resources, information, and technology have become increasingly important to faculty, staff, and students for academic, research, and administrative purposes. The College of Medicine takes the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our users’ data seriously, and as such, has established a set of policies and standards for use within the college. These policies and standards establish a baseline for the security of College of Medicine computers, systems, resources, and accounts to ensure that research, patient care, business transaction, student, and employee non-public data are protected from intrusion and inappropriate use or disclosure.

All College of Medicine policies and standards are in addition to those established by the University of Arizona for Information Technology, and help to implement the requirements found in University policies, including: Data Classification and Handling Standard IS-S302, Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks IS-701, Information Security Policy IS-100, and HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Res-200.

Please contact COM-ITS with any questions or concerns with the policies and standards provided on this site. COM-ITS can be reached at or at 520-626-8721.

  • The Medadmin Account Password Standard contains the complexity, length, and temporal requirements for all College of Medicine (medadmin) account passwords.