Information Technology Services

Development, Reporting, and Infrastructure Services

Applications Development

ArizonaMed (NetID login required)

ArizonaMed is a custom online learning environment for students and faculty at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. ArizonaMed was designed specifically to support the progressive, integrated, and collaborative curriculum at the UA College of Medicine.

MEDLEARN (NetID login required)

MedLearn is a new curriculum and learning management system for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. MedLearn is scheduled to Go LIVE in 2018.

MEDPORTAL (NetID login required)

MedPortal is a fully-integrated "portal" in which students, faculty, and staff enter one system that manages the entire educational ecosystem and reporting.  A training video for MedPortal is available in Box @UA : Student Training Video 


Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Reporting Services

Provides support for capturing, storing and analyzing data. Services include database administration, data processing, data storage, reporting, Analytics and Qualtrics. 


Server administration

Information Technology Services administers more than 100 servers the College of Medicine – Tucson. This fast, secure and reliable server infrastructure is one of the backbones of our 21st-century approach to education and research.