UAConnect365 Email Migration

UAConnect email accounts will be transitioning to UAConnect365 over summer/fall 2017.

UAConnect365 is the email and calendaring service for faculty and staff provided by Microsoft Office 365. UAConnect365 is best accessed via Outlook 2016 software, and online via the Office 365 portal. Student workers may also be provided with UAConnect365 accounts, called Catworks accounts.

The new system will provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Larger mailboxes (100 GB)
  • Larger size maximums for individual messages (TBD)
  • Online space for storage and collaboration (1 TB)
  • Access to web versions of Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office applications
  • Downloadable Office applications for your desktop and mobile devices

When you come in the morning after your migration date, your email will be in Office 365. Be aware that when one group has migrated and another has not:

  • Members of the group that has not migrated will see a popup window in Outlook if they view a calendar of an account that has migrated. Click Accept on the popup to reconnect with the calendar you view.
  • Members of one group will not be able to give delegated rights, such as Send On Behalf Of, for the email/calendar of members on the other email system, until all are migrated. We do not anticipate conflicts with existing delegations, which were taken into account when creating migration batches.

More information on UAConnect365:


When your migration is complete:

  • You will experience a different login process to get to your email online.
  • College of Medicine Information Technology Services (COM ITS) will reconfigure settings on email software or mobile mail apps. Directions on how to do this yourself, can be found at
  • If you have a forward on your UAConnect email ( or
  • Your forward will be copied automatically after migration is complete.
  • After migration, do a one-time check of your new UAConnect365 mailbox to ensure no email was delivered to your new account before the forward was copied.
  • Copies of new emails after migration will not be stored in UAConnect365, only at your destination email. You can change this setting in Office 365 after migration.
  • COM ITS will upgrade your computer to Office 2016.


  • Log in to Office 365 at to test whether you will be able to access your email after migration. Note: The Mail and Calendar tiles inside Office 365 will give you a redirect link to OWA until your mailbox migrates.
    • Instructions at
    • Requires a NetID password that was created on or after March 6, 2017:
    • Requires NetID+ two-factor authentication enabled:
    • Use <netid> on Microsoft’s login portal.
    • Use <netid> on Microsoft’s login portal, even though your actual email address is <netid>
  • COM ITS will be upgrading computers to Outlook 2016 in the next few weeks.
  • Bookmark the UAConnect365 project website for Before and After Migration Instructions, as well as more information and FAQs:
  • Save and keep handy the Support resources below.


  • Log in to to verify that your email has moved over and is working properly.
  • COM ITS will circulate through the department updating computers and mobile devices on the day of migration.
  • To configure settings on email applications and/or mobile apps, as necessary:
  • Please be aware that Unity voicemail notifications may not be synced to your new mailbox right away. Check your phone or voicemail for notifications until Unity is connected to your new mailbox. 


  • Note the contact for COM ITS at (520) 626-8721.
  • COM ITS will have on-site assistance for migration.


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