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  • Policy on smoking and the use of tobacco products on University of Arizona campuses. Applies to students, staff, faculty and visitors. Effective 8/25/2014.

  • The University of Arizona is committed to creating and maintaining an environment free of discrimination. This policy defines discrimination and harrassment, and explains the obligations of the UA and all employees, students, and other community...

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  • This policy requires all UAHN health care personnel to receive a flu shot by January 31, 2014, or take other specific measures when in patient areas. Applies to physicians, residents, fellows, temporary workers, trainees, volunteers, students,...

  • This security management plan is relevant to students doing rotations at the University of Arizona Medical Center – South Campus, as well as to UA and College of Medicine employees working at this and related off-site locations.

    This plan...

Graduate Medical Education (COM)

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College of Medicine – Phoenix

  • Policies of the College of Medicine - Phoenix regarding the scheduling and use of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and teaching space.

Research Administration (UAHS)

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Responsible Conduct of Research (UA)

  • The University of Arizona policy on Protected Health Information and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additional information is also available from...

  • This policy establishes principles and procedures designed to prevent the University's financial interests, or the personal financial interests of key University officials, from influencing research at the University of Arizona.

  • The University of Arizona encourages its faculty and staff to apply their professional expertise in public, community and outside professional pursuits. This policy is designed to ensure that these external activities do not conflict with...

  • All users (faculty, students, and administration) within and outside the University of Arizona – College of Medicine – Tucson, shall comply with the rules and regulations expressed in this Policy.

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